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Bag Pattern {52 Quilt Block Pick Up}

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This week I am going into the bag pattern arena!  Second hoarding collection of mine is bags! {first of course being fabric– to make the bags with}  This pattern uses a dutchmans puzzle– but go with the size of the block 12 1/2″.  To make the bag just a little larger she added a double border around the block of scrappy squares.  The easy way for those blocks are a charm pack, but you could totally substitute it with the little scrappy squares that are hanging about your sewing studio.

Fabric Fascination will take you through the steps of the bag pattern -including using fusible batting to make it a bit more stiff and boxed corners.

bag pattern

ufo quilt block pick up bag pattern

Bag Pattern to sew with UFO Quilt Blocks~

bag pattern quilt block   bag pattern

Clickety Click for the bag pattern on Fabric Fascination

Materials needed:
Two 12″ quilt blocks
A pack of charm squares in coordinating fabrics.
1Yd of a solid lining fabric
Fusible batting

What bag pattern do you use the most often?

This is part of the 52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up seriesneed more ideas on what to do with your UFO Quilt Blocks? previous weeks and UFO Quilt Block ideas

If you are sewing along with us and making up something with your UFO Quilt Blocks {even if you find your own way of sewing them together} we would all love a little peeksee!

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4 thoughts on “Bag Pattern {52 Quilt Block Pick Up}

  1. Pat H

    Thank you Becky, I am always looking for new bag patterns. My favorite tote bag tutorial is one I saved from a blog that no longer exists. I went to find it one time and it was just gone! It was a wonderful tutorial from a gal named Kelly, and she made a whole set of bags from a 40 piece set of charm squares and the usual lining and batting stuff. She made a tote, a little zipper bag, a makeup roll, and a tiny faux tote to hang from the big tote for decoration. I have used that pattern many times.

    My second favorite one is a bag made from batik fabrics sewn into a large log cabin pattern. I loved that bag and gave it as a gift so I need to make one for myself. I too have a hoard of tote bags. LOL

    My third favorite is a bag made from charm squares and sewn in rag quilt style. I made myself a flannel fall purse/tote from that, and two Halloween treat bags for my grand kids from Halloween charms.

    Now I will have to add the Dutchman’s Puzzle tote to my favorite list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. whosies

    great idea to make multiple bags from the blocks! Isn’t it funny how we get obsessed about one thing. 🙂 good thing they don’t take up a lot of space!

  3. Guilitta

    I find the idea very good, but I miss the instruction how to make this bag. Where is it written?? So I cant do it. I’m disappointed because I had hoped for a complete guide on how to make.

    For me it is only the idea, not a ready thema.

    Greeting Guilitta from germany

  4. whosies

    you will need to click on the link to go to her page for the full instructions. They are posted on her site.

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