Sewing Notions Ornaments

Every year the newest and best ornaments come out. I oooh and ahhh over them, then I think-  I have enough things around here that I should make them myself and save me a few bucks {to spend on myself later of course}.

Digging around my sewing cottage recently trying to downsize the amount of fabric I have, I noticed that I also have an extra large collection of sewing notions.  Now, I am soooo not ready to give them up.  Oh no.  But, I bet I could use a few of them to celebrate the holidays with.

sewing notions ornaments

So head on over to your sewing area, dig through your sewing notions.

Materials needed:  Spools, buttons, ribbon, thread, lace, ric rac, doilies, zippers and the list goes on!

   felt ornament tutorial
 Away in a manger  
   Button Candy Cane Christmas Ornaments -- handmade ornament tutorial that will have your tree full of button candy canes in no time.
 img 3462 225x3001 Button Tree Ornament  
   These are gorgeous & must-have ornaments for the tree this year. They're made with fabric, zippers and a ball of Styrofoam brand foam. Tutorial on
   Ribbon Candy Ornament, Step 4
   Making a Christmas Tree Ornament From Doilies
 tree and spool ornament  SpoolOrnaments2a

What kind of sewing notions do you use to make ornaments with?

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  1. Julie

    28 November

    What a great idea to use notions to make ornaments! I have never tried this hut I love the ones with buttons and empty thread spools. Zippers would probably make cool decorations as well. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Heather Feather

    28 November

    Oh they’re beautiful! What a great way to use supplies! My favorite are those sisal and spool trees! Gorgeous!

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