Let’s Talk About Quilting Fabric- How much is Too Much?

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This is all about my personal journey of quilting fabric collecting….and deciding– How much is too much?

I am the type of person that reacts to fabric.  I usually am attracted to color and print.  Then when I get closer, I get the fingers involved.  If  I really do enjoy it, I take a sniff {do you smell your fabric?!} or a quick rub on the face.  That usually only happens with Minky though.

What draws me in is all of that combined…plus a few other factors but that is really about it.  Color, print.  Done.

This past week I have been taking stock of what I have in my Sewing Cottage.  I have quite a few shelves and drawers as you know filled to over capacity of fabric.  I have collected it for over 12 years {I know there are a few of you who have beat me on the collection years}.  There is still fabric hanging around that I used in my first quilt!

quilting fabric

{in my defense of this picture- this was seriously at it’s worse. I was moving things/tables around and there were piles everywhere! It is very crowded though}

There comes a time in ones quilting/sewing career when you just can’t look at that print anymore!  But, to tell you the truth, I just can’t for some reason to let it go either.

Coming up with the decision that it was time to move on was hard… but I have been taking some moments {short, and quick} to pull off the shelves what I just don’t need, or will never use anymore.  I have moved myself down half a shelf, and I already have one garbage bag FULL of fabric that is ready for a new home.

I don’t need any gasps from the ‘peanut gallery’ as Grandmas Phillips used to say– I feel the guilt already with this type of purging.  I didn’t even do this when I moved 3 times! I was willing to box and carry every little strip of it!  But, now is the time.  I have waited long enough…the price of cotton is not going down, so there is no excuse to hoarding it any longer.

I am putting my big girl panties on, and facing the fact that it’s time to spend a little money on new, glorious, vibrant, and enchanting fabric.  The kind that isn’t faded with sun.  The kind that has the ‘new fabric’ smell.  The kind that still has it’s original creases and folds.

The hard part now is picking out what I will be filling the shelves with now.  What is catching my eye?  Is it the color this time? Or the print?  Or the designers name or line?

For some reason this is on the list of I love right now.  I must be loving big prints, bright colors, and maybe even a little mystery!

Kaffe Fassett Classics 5.5 yds Backing Riley Blake Rolie Polies (Cotton Dots Small)
Andover 1 yd Cuts (Pearl Bracelets) Tula Pink 1 yd Cuts (Acacia)
Craftsy Fabric Mystery Box Timeless Treasures 4 yd Cuts (Essex)

To help us {I am really meaning me} with stocking the shelves before all the money is spent on the Holidays, Craftsy is having a fantastic sale.

Craftsy fabric sale! Save up to 65% on fabric for 48 hours, November 15 & 16.

Now, if you aren’t too keen on picking out all by yourself fabric,   How about joining their December Quilt Along!  They take all the guess work out of picking fabric, and they have the pattern to go along with it!  Can’t get much better than that.

Have you ever purged your fabric stash?  How hard was it? I’d love to hear how you handled it….it’s not easy!


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