Scrappy Doll Quilt Tutorial | patchworkposse #freepattern #quilt #doll
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Scrappy Doll Quilt Tutorial

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After putting together the pineapple quilt block, I was a little frustrated with this pile of fabric and leftover triangular pieces. I have a hard time throwing fabric in the trash…especially when it is kind of bigger, which some of these were.
After looking at a few options {over 50 different ideas for orphan quilt blocks} I decided to sew up a doll quilt.

Scrappy Doll Quilt Tutorial | patchworkposse #freepattern #quilt #doll
Supplies for sewing:
leftover Triangles from the Pineapple quilt block or your fabrick stash

strips of fabric- background 2 1/2″ strips

Doll Quilt Instructions:

Dig through your scraps of cut-offs and find triangles that are similar in size.


1) Sew your leftover pieces together. Mine were triangle so I sewed them together to make a square quilt block.

2) Square up your blocks {if needed}

3) Sew borders with the 2 1/2″ strips to make bigger.


4)  Start laying the new blocks side by side and sew them together.  Some might be a big bigger than the others, that’s all right.

5)  Trim off the extra to make the one strip all the same size


6)  Repeat this process until you have 3 rows {or how many you’d like}

7)  Sew the rows together

Scrappy Doll Quilt Tutorial | patchworkposse #freepattern #quilt #doll

8)  Layer with the backing, batting and quilt your doll quilt

9)  Bind your doll quilt.  You can do a traditional binding or fold the back to the front bind

Learn how to make a doll bed out of a vintage magazine rack, and bedding for it.  Doll Bedding Tutorials included: doll pillow, doll blanket, and a doll bed matress.

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Have more scraps or quilt blocks?  Here’s another tutorial on how to make a few different doll quilts.

doll quilt tutorial | patchwork posse

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  1. norma

    What is the over all measurement of the doll quilt?

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