Layer Cake Quilt – Chevron Style Tutorial

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The Chevron Quilt is really a super simple one.

The idea is that you match up one light or medium fabric with a dark fabric.   You will need enough contrast in the colors to make this one work.

If you are really looking for something that matches a lot and has a pattern– then you can pick one of the fabrics to be the same for all the blocks.

You can play around with a few options and ideas…and then get started!

Materials needed:

1 layer cake with a variety of lights / darks


42 squares of fabric all the SAME SIZE

such a great idea for using a layer cake. half square triangles and then a quilt top!

Layer Cake Quilt — Chevron Style Tutorial~

Sew the quilt block.  You can use this quick and simple method for making your quilt blocks:  Easy Chevron Style Quilt Block Tutorial

1)  Lay right sides together the background and main fabric

2)  With a ruler and pencil, draw a line from corner to corner of the square

3)  Sew on either side of the drawn line.  A scant 1/4″ is best

4)  Cut on drawn line and iron

5)  Repeat with other squares

Sew the quilt top.  Play with the layout until you are happy with the way it looks.  Ask opinions of others– this is always helpful! Having a fresh eye on the quilt while it’s coming together makes it turn out better!  You’ll find that you miss a few matching spots or maybe you’ll find a better layout!

Either way, just play, play, play until you are happy.

  1. Sew the blocks together in rows
  2. Sew the rows together
  3. Add a border if you are wanting one.  I did not on the Chevron quilt I made…..it was large enough and it wasn’t needed.

Here’s a quick close up of the blocks that were put together-

As you can see, I tried to put together rows of colors— so there is a row of red, purple…some spots (like the bottom left) are not necessarily correct, but I had to use what I had and this is how it turned out. Maybe if I had fussed a little more things would have been different, but I was ok with how it was.

layer cake quilt - chevron style. love the lines of color!

Learn how to sew up a chevron quilt using two fabrics the same size.  Love how this turned out and would be great for those layer cakes I have sitting around!

This is part of a tiny series using layer cakes.  Interested in seeing what else you can make using them?  Check out all the tutorials here.

Have you made a quilt using a layer cake before?  Have any favorites?


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