hexagon pouch tutorial
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Mini Hexagon Pouch Tutorial

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This pouch is perfect for little girls to stuff with their lipgloss, candy, play house with, or whatever!  You can use a few squares from your favorite charm pack to mix and match for a custom pouch.  To keep it super simple, I used ribbon for the strap, but you can sew up your own if you’d like to better co-ordinate.
Let’s talk about how to make a Mini Hexagon Pouch.
hexagon pouch tutorial

Hexagon Pouch Tutorial

Materials Needed:
4– 5″ X 5″ for outside and lining
2– 2 1/2″ X 11″ bag sides
Ribbon for strap 20″ long
Hexagon Template

Print off the 5″ Hexagon template on Card Stock or heavy paper and cut out 1
1)  Layer all 4 hexagons on top of each other and cut 1/2″ off one side
2)  Sew one side strip inbetween the front and back hexagon shape { the shorter side from step 1 will be at the top of the bag}
3)  Sew this section to another hexagon– the shorter side from step 1 will be at the top
4)  Repeat steps 2-3 for lining — leave a 2″ opening in one seam for turning later
5)  Pin the ribbon to the sides
6)  Stuff the lining inside the outer piece {right sides together}.  Line up the seams and pin
7)  Sew across the top — snip across the top
8)  Turn right sides out- using the opening from step 4 in the lining.  Or– snip a few stitches in the seam of the lining piece and open for turning
9)  Sew the opening closed, iron across the top
10)  Sew across the top to secure the strap and for a finished look

Hexagon Pouch Tutorial by Patchwork Posse

Feel free to adjust the length of the strap….some might want it smaller for a more clutch style or longer for a messenger or sling bag style.  You could also add a decorative stitch across the top edge or opening to cute-sy it up a bit.

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  • Janet

    I would love to make this hexagon pouch for my grandchildren but the ads are covering the material requirements.

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