Packing for a Sewing Retreat

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I do enjoy myself a little getaway.  One that is with a few friends who quilt as well is the best kind.

Over this past weekend I snuck away from the family and headed 3 hours away where there is no t.v…..just power for your sewing machine.

Putting together a list each time you go is such a pain!  There are some things that are taken each time I go. Kind of like the must have’s for the quilting retreat.

packing for a sewing retreat how to organize and what to pack. Packing for a sewing retreat doesn't have to be hard and frustrating! Print off this free printable all about packing for a sewing retreat- sew more& have fun! organize | packing | retreat | sewing | quiltingPacking for a Sewing Retreat~

Start off with a list of projects that you’d like to take with you.  This will quickly help narrow your supplies and what you really need to take with you.

Using the list, now you can go through it one by one.

Transfer each project you intend to work on during the retreat onto a quilt kit printable.  or you can go for the whole patchwork planner here with over 30 printables!

Write down all the supplies needed to complete the project.  Complete being where you would be happy to stop at.  I don’t take batting and quilt at retreats, but maybe you do….so make sure you write down the things you plan on doing while there.

After you have figured out what you will be working on and the supplies you will need– now is the time to start gathering!

packing for a sewing retreat 3

Using your list, go through and mark down each item as you gather it into one pile on a clean work station (how do you get it clean? Check out the 30 days of organizing your sewing studio)

packing for a retreat supplies

Don’t move onto another project until you are done collecting for this one!!!

Looking at your pile of supplies– organize them.  Put like things together and make sub-piles.

Fold your fabric into nice stacks.  –here’s a help for folding fat quarters or other pieces of fabric just in case.

Either use a large ziploc baggie or a clear zipper bag you’ve made and put all the supplies for that project inside.  If it doesn’t fit, consider using a larger bag or a second bag– with a big note as to what kit it belongs too.

Now that this project is ready, load it up.

packing for a retreat

I use a very large laundry basket to haul my projects.  It has heavy duty handles that won’t break.  If it’s too heavy to carry by myself someone can help take a handle.

Because it’s big, I can load it up— but also see everything!  I can grab what I need, toss something back inside, and it fits under the table or in a corner for easy access.

picture of the laundry basket here

When you are totally finished with gathering everything for this project, now you can move onto making the next kit.

There are going to be things that will cross over on projects.  Like scissors, rotary cutters, threads, needles, rulers…that kind of basic supplies.

I keep those organized by keeping them all in one bag.  That way I know that I only need to find that bag when I need one of the more common notions.  I try not to put it in a ziploc baggie, because it blends in a little bit and even though it might be right in front of my face, I miss it.

I have had a problem in the past of not bringing my sewing machine plug and foot.  Not a happy day. Now, I keep my machine and it’s own supplies in it’s very own sewing machine bag.  (this pattern is included in the membership quilt guild)

Everything fits, there is a zipper across the top so it’s protected and all the parts fit in there as well.

sewing machine in a travel bag. What to pack for your sewing retreat. the bag is a pattern in the quilt group!

If you are looking for the ultimate planner & organizer for packing and quilt kits- the Patchwork Planner is just the thing!  It’s a pdf – so you can save it and use it as many times as you’d like!   You can print the pages you love the best– as many times as you need.  It’s black and white so it won’t eat up your ink.  Over 30 pages with a few that are specific to packing for sewing retreats, quilt kits, and projects progress while you are there!

To pick up a copy or get more info- check out the Patchwork Planner here!


packing for a sewing retreat how to organize and what to pack. Packing for a sewing retreat doesn't have to be hard and frustrating! Print off this free printable all about packing for a sewing retreat- sew more& have fun! organize | packing | retreat | sewing | quilting

You can also print off a retreat packing checklist printable from the quilting resource library. 

How do you keep your projects organized when you go on a sewing retreat?


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  • Barbara F

    When I have my projects gathered into their zip-lock bags, I use an Ikea big blue bag to keep them together.
    Heaps of room for all the projects, I take at least 3, and the sewing box! This bag is flexible, so can be squeezed into the vehicle, especially if taking friends and their baggage as well.

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