Sewing Machine LED lighting kit

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This is one of those times when I say to myself…..why.  Why didn’t I do this earlier!

I am really blind.  Light blind.  Dark places are not my friend.

This little kit — the LED lighting kit by inspired led is the best thing on the planet right now!

Let me show it off to you and help you decide to get one.  No more waiting!

No more dark blind!

Let the light in…….and sew!

led lighting kit for your sewing machine

LED Sewing Machine Lighting Kit

Where you can find it:  Amazon (free shipping for prime)

How it works….you take it out of the box, put the little black clips on the machine, slide the light strip in place, plug into the switch and lastly- plug the switch in.

Super simple!  I had this done in less than 5 minutes.

What I love– it’s bright, but not blinding.  You can still see everything after sewing without white spots burned into your eyes. 🙂

You can adjust the length depending on your own machine.

You can see the reflection of the led lights on the machine plate….note: I do NOT have the machine turned on. The light is only from the light strip.

led sewing machine light strip 1

The little clips are sticky taped to your machine so you can easily remove them if you need.

The strip of light just slips into the clips, so moving your machine or transporting it is simple- just unclip the strip and walk away with the machine.

This is what it looks like from underneath and in the back of the machine.  I placed my strip just inside the arched arm.

led sewing machine light strip 2

I didn’t trim my strip so the extra lights just hang out at the bottom of the machine.  Lights up the backside.

led sewing machine light strip 3

I couldn’t be happier!!

led sewing machine light strip 4

Simple switch in the back on the bottom.  Again, it’s just sticky tape there so it can be moved later if needed.

led sewing machine light strip switch

This is my sewing machine just in case you are looking.  Not expensive and works great.  Couldn’t be happier!  Bother Sewing Machine

Pick up your own lighting kit here!

This Kit includes :
(1) 24.5″ of Super Bright Cool White Flexible Strip, with 1 foot Interconnect Cable attached, (The LED strip can be cut to fit any machine by cutting at the copper solder pads, located every 3 LEDs)
(1) In-Line Switch
(1) Power Supply
(2) Cable Clips
There is an expansion kit available for this kit. You can give us a call and purchase over the phone, or check out the newly added product here on Amazon – The Sewing Machine LED Light Kit with Expansion kit. The expansion kit allows you to utilize any left over lights from the original 24.5″ strip included in the kit to light a second machine. The expansion kit includes :
(1) 1′ cable
(1) In-Line Switch
(1) Power Supply
(2) Cable Clips

How do you light your sewing area?

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