16 days of Free Quilt Planner Printables

16 days of Free Quilt Planner Printables

16 Days of Free Quilt Planner Printables

Right before the beginning of the year, I was finally moved into my new sewing space (remodel of the home caused me not to move in).  This made me realize how many projects I had going.  Many started, not finished…or I was reminded of some wonderful projects that I had completely forgotten about!




Here’s a quick look at the pages that were included during the 16 day challenge!

Day One:  Daily To Do

Day Two:  Quilting Goals

Day Three: Make a Quilt Kit

Day Four:  Project Planner

Day Five: Supplies Tracker

Day Six: Blank Tracker

Day Seven: Book Marks & Labels

Day Eight: Sewing Projects

Day Nine: Sticky Labels

Day Ten: Quilt Journal Page

Day Eleven: Class List and Schedule

Day Twelve: Quilt Retreat Packing List

Day Thirteen: Projects Timeline

Day Fourteen: Monthly Quilt Projects Printable

Day Fifteen: Note Pad Printable

Day Sixteen: Daily Sewing Tracking

All the pages can be found in the shop now!

Clickety click here to get all 16 in one pdf file

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  1. Dawn

    17 January

    It doesn’t seem to work, it just keeps giving me the option to sign up.

  2. Donna King

    17 January

    Can’t seem to access the printables either.

  3. Becky

    17 January

    Dawn– you’ll need to use the code on this page for access to download links:

  4. Joanne

    17 January

    I signed up to get the freebies but I do not see a “code” Where is it located? Does it arrive in a separate email each day?

  5. Joanne Maner

    17 January

    When i enter the code it takes me to the download page but when i click download it says i do not have access to this page. What is going on?

  6. Jan

    17 January

    No luck with the downloads. Asks for a password. I never entered a password when I signed up. Totally unable to download any of the Printables.

  7. Becky

    17 January

    darn computers! I’m working on this right now- hope to have it sorted out quickly. Sorry about the issues….

  8. Becky

    17 January

    It’s working now!!! Thanks for hanging in there and being patient.
    Enjoy the download!

  9. Jan

    17 January

    Never received an email with a code. I’ve tried twice, and checked spam as well. Any thoughts? The pages look very helpful, and I was looking forward to trying them.

  10. Jeanne N

    18 January

    I cannot find a code either. I signed up 3 times but have not received an email with the code. I tried the link you provided in your answer above but it requires a code and does not give the code. This is very frustrating.

  11. Becky

    18 January

    The code was in your thank you email. Sorry about it being frustrating. Everyday there week be an email sent to you as well with the code included.

  12. Glenda Beckham

    25 January

    I have been a subscriber for a long while but I don’t have a password either. Am I supposed to sign up for the Patchwork Planner Club to get the free 16 day printables? I’m like everyone else, I’m lost, I don’t know what to do. Could you please tell me what I need to do to get the printables? Could you send me the password code? HELP!!

  13. Becky

    25 January

    Glenda– You can use the link above that says– Download Page. That will have all the downloads listed. Every day the page is sent to you in your email if you have signed up for the planner list + it will also have the login code. Check your spam just in case, it might be hiding in there.

  14. Ann

    4 February

    Well…. I went back through my emails and I have the announcement one and I CAN”T see any sign of a password or anything…. when i click to download it merely goes back to asking for the password… What the heck?? So very frustrated and not very happy. Your site and blog are usually outstanding and I enjoy it very much but surely I am not the only one have troubles here? Please, help! Any reply is greatly appreciated, with thanks… Ann

  15. Becky

    6 February

    Ann- sorry about that! The password has been on every single email. Please check again, or email me at

  16. Shaireen

    7 February

    Hi Becky,
    Have tried several times to sign up for the pages but it keeps taking me back to the sign up pages and I haven’t received the code in an email either. Is anyone else having this problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Shaireen

  17. Jill Leslie

    14 February

    I am also unable to get to the freebies pages. I have tried several times to no avail. Frustrating!

  18. Chris Ballard

    16 February

    Thank you for the planner pages! I found the code easily. I am now trying harder to sew more.

  19. Becky

    14 April

    This is not working. I signed up it sent me to this page and when i go for the download it just spins and then gives me a timeout. Could you help with this? I have a need to get organized. I have tried both the Planner pages and the cheat sheets neither seems to work.

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