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Orphan Quilt Block Scissor Holder Tutorial

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Sew up a cute scissor holder using an orphan quilt block. The closure tab will keep your scissors from slipping out and secure.

It’s a great little keeper for your scissors. The loop has a fake button (it’s really a snap under there!

There is an extra piece of fabric along the bottom to make sure your scissors don’t poke through.

If you’d like you can make it a little more stiffer by using interfacing.

If you don’t have half square triangles no problem! Find a 6 1/2 square orphan quilt block. It will work just the same.

Materials Needed:

  • 4 3 1/2″ X 3 1/2″ half square triangle
  • 1 6 1/2″ X 6 1/2″ lining fabric
  • 1 2″ X 5″ loop closure
  • 2″ X 6 1/2″ dark fabric – this is the fabric along the bottom edge of the scissor holder
  • 1 snap & 1 button

Orphan Quilt Block- Half Square Triangles Quilt Block Size:

6 1/2″ X 6 1/2″

Scissor Holder Tutorial:

1) Sew four half square triangles together to make one square- OR use an orphan quilt block that measures 6 1/2 “unfinished.

2) Square up if needed to 6 1/2″ X 6 1/2″
3) Dark fabric- Fold the 6 1/2″ edge 1/4″ and iron

4) Pin at the bottom of the square
5) With needle and decorative thread, stitch to secure to the square

6) Fold right sides together, the dark fabric along the bottom
7) Sew three sides, leaving the top open

8) Loop Closure fold right sides together and stitch along one long edge and the top
9) Snip corners, using a turner, turn right sides out, iron
10) Fold the lining in half and sew three sides -leave the top open and leave an opening along the bottom for turning
11) Turn the lining right sides out
12) Tuck the loop closure in position and pin in place
audition placement with your scissors. Depending on your pair, the closure tab may not be centered so it catches the handle, keeping your scissors from falling out.
13) Stuff the lining inside the outer piece

14) Pin in place and stitch along the top
15) Pull the outside through the opening at the bottom of the lining,
and rearrange until the lining is inside the scissor caddy
16) Hand stitch the snap- hand stitch the button directly on top of the snap on the loop


  • Depending on the size of your scissors, you can adjust the size of the original quilt block and lining fabric.
Free tutorial showing you how to sew a quilt block into a scissor holder.

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