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10 Things That Help Keep Your Sewing Projects Going

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Are your quilt orphan projects or blocks not getting worked on?

Here are 10 things that can help you keep those sewing projects going and quicker to becoming finished!

You never know- your tastes may have changed (could happen if your orphan project has been hanging around for a very long time), your purpose for the project may have changed, you lost parts or fabrics to the project, you don’t like the layout anymore, you are not organized and not sure what to work on next…..

No matter the reason, there are a few things you can do to help keep your sewing projects going.

Learn how you can finish your projects fast – or at least get them moving closer to the finish line. 

They aren’t difficult to do. Plus, they deal with the possibility of having more than one project. I’m sure you can relate with that one!-

10 Ideas for Working on Your Sewing Projects again

1- Keep them top of your mind. Put them somewhere they won’t get lost or out of your site.

2- Use a tracking sheet (free one if you have joined this quick challenge) or make up your own. Post it near your sewing machine area and you’ll know just what you can work on when you get a few minutes here or there

3- Prep ahead! Make your own quilt kit (found here) and precut what you need or gather your materials. Having everything on hand and ready to go makes working on them that much better.

packing for a sewing retreat - what should you bring and how to carry it all!

4- Sew with others. Bring that project to a sewing retreat or sew day with friends. Usually sewing with others will get you re-inspired or help you push past any tired or frustration points you may have with the project.

5- Have a plan for the project once it’s done. Is it for a special occasion? or person? or is it a donation? Having a purpose for it- besides in the quilt top pile helps get it moving a little quicker.

6- Have more than one project to choose from at a time. I know this sounds a little counter productive, but having more than one allows you to ‘pick’ which project you are going to work on and thus makes working on it not such a chore and sore spot.

7- Get others to help you out. Are there more than one blocks that need finished? Can you have some friends or other quilters make them for you? You can return the favor with one of their projects as well.

8- Schedule it out. Put the project aside, but have a clear schedule of when you will be picking it back up and starting it again. Sometimes taking a little break is what you need.

9- Make something else instead of the intended pattern or design. This is all about just finishing it- no matter if it’s like what you started with. Switch things around. Move blocks, add a border, do something different and unexpected. Don’t follow the pattern at all, or pick and choose what you will follow.

10- Pass it along! If all else fails- give it to someone else. Let the project be a fun project or excitement for someone else instead of a dread for you

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