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Holiday Mystery Quilt- You’re Invited to Sew Along!

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It’s time to have some fun with a Mystery Quilt! This year the Mystery Quilt for the International Association of Quilters is holiday themed.

We’ve been sewing away this year with two block of the months, and monthly quilts with guest designers- but it’s fall time and we are ready to mix things up a little bit and go for something quick, easy and fun!

Of course because it’s a mystery, I can’t show off the whole quilt….so I’m just sharing little snippets of the quilt and hopefully that will give you a pretty good idea, without giving it away.

Holiday Mystery Quilt

Quilt Size: 50″ X 50″

How many steps: 5 steps

Each step will go live daily, so by the 5th day / 5th step you’ll have the full quilt pattern and if you’ve been able to sew each day, you’ll have the finished quilt top.

There are more than one quilt blocks to sew each day, but they are very simple and even for beginner quilters- you should be able to sew them and keep up.

The quilt blocks will also be sewn with quick sewing tricks- like multiple half square triangles at a time, strip piecing. So the blocks can be sewn up in a few steps and you’ll be done quicker than you think!

Fabric Suggestions:

This holiday mystery will be using 3 colors and a background fabric.

For the Christmas Holiday- seen in the images, RED is my main color and a light green and dark green are the other two colors. So just remember that one color will be your main, while the other two are highlights.

If you are interested in sewing up a Patriotic holiday- then a DARK BLUE would be your main color and then a red and a light blue.

Depending on what holiday you are going for – or season, you’ll want to choose your colors accordingly. A Fall or Halloween theme would be awesome as well!


Supplies you may need:

What to do now:

This mystery is only available inside the International Association of Quilters– you can join here (won’t be open again until January! – so last time to join).

The full materials list will be posted in pdf format inside the membership so you can start gathering your materials over the weekend.

If you are a member, head on over and download the full material list. There won’t be a coloring layout sheet- because it’s a mystery! But, you’ll get the full list of materials so you can shop your shelves or the shelves of your local quilt shop.

I’m super excited to welcome you into the group and to get this Mystery Quilt started! 

After the Mystery is over, we’ll continue to enjoy the last 3 guest designers of the year- plus their beautiful patterns they’ll be sharing!  We also have another fun project, swap and giveaways coming!

You’ll be able to hop right in and get sewing on any new project or one from the archives.  Can’t wait to get to know you and see your projects!

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