Oliso Mini Iron

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Inside: You’ll see the mini Oliso iron in action. It’s a great iron, hot and the perfect size for travel or getting into those tricky point areas with that tip! Full video walk through!

This mini iron is full of fun! If you can have fun with your iron.

Quick Mini Oliso Iron Info:

  • Precision tip – sharp detailer gets into the smallest seams and corners
  • Off knob- you don’t have to unplug it to turn the iron off
  • Solemate – you can rest the iron on it when not in use, or slip it over the iron plate for travel
  • Built in hook – you can hang it to store!
  • Long cord – you don’t have to stand next to the plug outlet
  • Top fill water tank – easy to fill
  • Steam control – easy big buttons that control the steam
  • Fabric selector – ideal heat for synthetics, wool and cotton
  • Voltage – switch from 110V to 220V
  • Soleplate – diamond coated ceramic soleplate maintains even heat and glides over fabric.

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Mini Project Iron by Oliso-

Resting Silicone Plate – turn it over for the travel side

Large steam buttons

Precision tip for those hard to press areas

This is really a great iron. It’s been fun to use and will definitely come with me when I travel! Perfect size and love that precision tip.

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