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How to Clean your Quilting Iron with magic eraser

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Is your iron dirty and not so new anymore? Learn how to use the magic eraser to clean your iron and get it back to clean!

After a long time of using my iron, I have decided that enough was enough.

Occasionally I would take a look at the iron plate and think– what is that stuff?!

If your iron looks the same way, here’s a quick way to clean your iron using magic eraser. You’ll just be swiping, swiping, swiping until the plate is clean. It works great!


Irons are the quilters best friend, and without a good one – and a clean one for that, you can have some frustration!

We always have an iron in our hand- and they get a lot of gunk on them! From glitter to silk to fusibles to anything that we think needs a little press, it gets dirty. Before you know it, your iron isn’t so happy and neither are you!

How long has it been since you have cleaned your iron?

How to Clean Your Iron with Magic Eraser

1- Set up your cleaning spot. I put out my wool mat, but a couple of thick towels will work great.

2- Lay your batting scraps on your prepared spot

3- Turn the iron on and get it nice and hot

4- Dampen the Magic Eraser so it’s wet all the way through

5- Set magic eraser on the layered towels

6- Swipe back and forth the hot iron, giving it some good pressure

7- Check the magic eraser carefully (it’s going to be hot) and dampen again if needed

8- Continue until your iron is clean from all the gunk

Here’s a quick look at some of the area on the iron plate that has been cleaned — such a difference!!

Some additional notes:

Don’t do this on your cutting mat! This is some major heat and will warp your mat. Move it out of the way before starting.

Make sure your magic eraser is good and damp. You don’t want it to dry out.

Additional Quilting Iron information:

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