Mini Iron Bag Tutorial

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Sew an iron bag using your UFO Quilt Blocks! This iron cover is perfect for a mini iron and is a great way to haul around to sewing retreats.

Mother’s Day is upon us and we need a few things for ourselves don’t we?  Well, how about buying yourself a mini iron to take to retreats and classes? After getting yourself one…you need of course a cute little bag that can carry that hot stuff around don’t you? Oh, Yea!

And while you are piling the list of wants how about adding a little retreat! That’s right, go plan one and ask those crafty friends of yours to come along…the more the merrier.

Let’s talk about your retreat……So you go on a retreat and start packing up all your stuff. We have a lot of things to bring don’t we girls? You betcha!

mini iron case tutorial / patchwork posse

Now, the purpose of a retreat is…to get some sewing done without distractions. Right?  Who wants to be distracted by getting up and down from your chair to get in line at the pressing station? Not me! So, I bring along this nice compact mini iron.   But, guess what it is now time to go and we have sewn until the girl in charge is literally kicking us out {woops there goes all the power} so we must quickly stuff everything back into where it belongs and be on our way.

What about that HOT mini iron? Will it catch my just finished quilt top on fire? Will it melt to the sewing machine cable? Will it burn the floor mat in the car?  {not that i’m speaking from experience}.  So we MUST have a little bag to stuff that mini iron in as we are running out the door.

Mini Iron Bag Tutorial

Materials needed:

1 mini iron

2-  8 ” X 8″ squares outside

2-  8 ” X 8″ squares lining

2-  8 ” X 8″ insulbright batting {used for hotpads and such}

2-  8 ” X 8″ batting

1- 2 1/2″ X 16″ strip

2- 4 1/2″ X 6″  pocket and pocket lining

Mini Iron Cover Bag Instructions:

1) Cut out all the pieces– notice that the fabric blocks I used were from this project.  This is a perfect patchwork craft project to use up those lost blocks- or piece some together to make it a scrap eater.

2) Take the strip and fold one end in. Fold again and sew down the edge. Repeat for the other side.

Iron the strip in half the LONG way. {this will end up holding the ribbon}

3) Sew the pocket pieces, Right sides together. Leave an opening for turning right sides out.

4) Turn rights sides out, iron flat and pin onto the front piece of the back. {keep that turning hole at the bottom or sides}. Sew to the bag front along 3 edges.

5) Layer the batting, insulbright, and the outside bag fabrics as follows. Pin together {line then up first} and then sew on 3 sides- leaving the top open. Trim the corners and Turn Right sides out.

6)  Place the inside liner fabric right sides together and sew along 3 sides—LEAVE an opening along the bottom for turning!!!—{the picture shows this on the left side, but it is really the bottom}. Leave the TOP open also.

7) Pin the folded strip to the top of the outside piece. Place the folded ends at one side seam. Pin the ends down so they don’t get folded back when sewing.


8) Slip all of this inside the lining {notice it is not turned out so the right side out the outside bag is facing the right side of the lining} and pin in place.

9) Sew across the whole top.

10) Pull the inside to the outside through the turning hole at the bottom.

10) Sew across the opening on the bottom of the bag.  Stuff it all inside. Pull a ribbon through the top and tie in a knot at the end.

11) Stuff that cute mini iron in the bag —and off you go!

Isn’t that a quick, easy and perfect pattern for beginners?  You can whip up a few iron case for a group, gifts, or just for yourself.


Sew an iron bag using your UFO Quilt Blocks! This iron cover is perfect for a mini iron and is a great way to haul around to sewing retreats.

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