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How to Clean your Iron with Iron-Off

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Irons are the quilters best friend, and without a good one and a clean one for that, you can have some frustration!

We always have an iron in our hand- and they get a lot of gunk on them! From glitter to silk to fusibles to anything that we think needs a little press, it gets dirty. Before you know it, your iron isn’t so happy and neither are you!

How long has it been since you have cleaned your iron?

How to Clean Your Iron with Iron-Off

1- Set iron to dry cotton setting

2- Layer batting or thick towels for to use – I used batting scraps, was perfect.

3- Squeeze small amount onto the scraps

4- Rub hot iron back and forth over the cloth in a circular motion

5- Wipe the iron when you are finished- check the steam holes and other nooks and crannies to make sure there isn’t anything left in there before using on your good fabric.

Your iron will look sooooo much better! And, it will work better too.  

I find that with that gunk on the iron plate, it scrunches the fabric up when I press, leaves mysterious marks on my fabric and overall isn’t happy.  

A clean iron is a MUST for quilters.  I’m not sure how often you should clean your iron, but I think that checking it at least once a year would be great.  Keeps that surface clean and smooth and making that dreaded chore of pressing fabric tolerable. 

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  1. Mea Cadwell

    I’ve discovered ironing over a sopping wet magic eraser also does the job of getting the gunk off my iron. And, since it’s less messy, I tend to clean my iron more often.

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