Sewing for Charity

During the last little bit I have been busy sewing a few things for a new charity I have come into contact with. I love, love the opportunity to share a little bit of my time and talent to help someone else.

sewing for charity
At one time I introduced Jerika (my oldest daughter) and her Girl Scout troop to tying fleece blankets for a local shelter as part of their Silver award.

What a great way for our youngers to find a way to give back and learn a new skill at the same time.  Most of the sewing projects for charity are simple and quick.  The patterns used are free.

It’s a perfect combination for everyone– beginner or advanced, young or old.
It’s a great way to give back.  We have enough supplies sitting around and sometimes we have enough time to steal in between busy and busy to sit at the machine and stitch a few things for someone else.

For whatever the cause or reason here are a few of my favorites that I have been involved with or have been introduced to by someone else.

 Sewing for Charity


For a super long list check out the Sewing Charity List.

Do you have a favorite organization that you sew for?  Share it with us so we can sew and donate also.

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  1. Ms Sam Nicholson

    10 April

    Thank you so much for your listing of charities. I have been making baby items that I was hoping to donate to a neonatal unit somewhere. The listings you gave are ever so helpful!!

  2. Dina Newton-Edwards

    29 October

    It would be wonderful if some of your readers were to make quilts for

  3. cindy mccoy

    19 May

    Shelter kitties need a place to lie besides their litter box.
    “TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team” is a volunteer organization that is available when disasters strike. It is a way to join a larger effort to help our animal friends in times of need by doing what we love. “TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team” supplies kennel quilts to shelters. There are over 1150 members that have made and distributed over 10,000 kennel quilts since 2011. We would love to have new members to participate is such a wonderful cause.

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