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Crochet Dish Scrubber Tutorial

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I saw a dish scrubber the other day that had little floppy bumps all over one side so it could scrub a little bit better than a flat surface.  After looking and thinking for a bit I decided to give the crochet hook and design a little bit of work and came up with this crochet dish scrubber.

crochet dish scrubber tutorial.  finger pocket so it doesn't slip out from under your hand when scrubbing!  Great for cleaning bottles too.

Now, when scrubbing things and really putting your muscles into getting the bottom of the pan clean I found that the scrubber was always slipping around or off of my fingers or hand.

This is where the ‘finger pocket’ comes in handy.

You can slip your fingers right in there and get a good scrub going without your hands slipping or your getting food caught under your nails. ewww.

how to crochet a scrubber  finger pocket so it doesn't slip out from under your hand when scrubbing!  Great for cleaning bottles too.

I would recommend using a cotton yarn. They are great for dumping in the washer with some bleach to get them super clean after a good scrubbing happens.  You will be using only two stitches of crochet for this project– the single crochet and a chain stitch.  Pretty simple and great for anyone just starting out.

Materials Needed:

crochet scrubber materials

100 % cotton yarn

crochet hook H

crochet scrubber tutorial

Crochet Dish Scrubber~

1)  Crochet a chain of 13 ( you can adjust this now if you’d like.  Place your hand down on the crochet chain and make sure it is wide enough to go around all your fingers as they will be inside the pocket you will make later.

2)  Single crochet for a total 13 – 15 rows tall.  Again, make any adjustments now.   This piece will be the top of the scrubber.  It will be on top of your fingers.

13 rows of single crochet

3)  On the next row, single crochet in the first loop.  Then Chain stitch 5 loops

chain 5

4)  Single crochet in the same loop or hole you just did the chain in.

single crochet


5) Continue with a couple of single crochets, then repeat with the chain 5 process

little loops

6)  Keep repeating until you are at the end of the row

crochet loops

7)  On the next row you will want to push those 5 chains to one side (they all go to the same side)

8)  Follow the same pattern– single crochet in a couple spots, then chain 5 (pushing the previous row loop out of the way) and then single crochet just past the loop.

crochet the loops

* the image above shows the loop pushed down.  I have completed the chain 5 on this row and am now doing a single crochet in the spot next to the loop

This is kind of confusing, but once you get the rhythm or pattern down it will work out.

I made sure I was not doing the chain 5 directly on top of the previous rows chain.  I alternated them.

9) When you have completed the same amount of rows and the single crochet section, you will want to do one or two rows single crochet to finish

two rows of single crochet

10)  Fold in half with the loops to the outside and crochet down the sides connecting the front to the back

join the sides

see the pocket– perfect spot for your fingers

the crocheted scrubber with finger pocket

It’s ready to get to work– great for pans

scrubbing the pot

Great for bottles

cleaning the bottle crochet washcloth

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3 thoughts on “Crochet Dish Scrubber Tutorial

  1. Alicia

    Have you seen the scrubbers that are crocheted using tulle? I was given one but haven’t made one nor seen a pattern.

  2. Charlie

    Yes, I have seen and made probably 50 so far. The pattern is so easy and you only need scraps of cotton Sugar and Cream to use along with the tulle but I use the cheaper netting. It makes a rougher scrubbie and last longer. Contact me at my e-mail and I will forward the website, or better I will forward the pattern.
    Charlie Miller

  3. Francetta

    I would like for you to send to me the pattern for the scrubbers that use the tulle, please.

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