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How to Sew a Microwave Potato Bag

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Microwave Potato Bag – Baked Pouch pattern and tutorial with pictures plus learn how to bake your first potato calculator.

You’re looking for a microwave potato bag, right?

I’m a big potato fan too.

My favorite.

But seriously waiting for that little round ball to cook in the oven for 45 minutes is way too long in my book.

Learn to Sew Your Own Microwave Potato Bag Cooker

how to sew a microwave potato bag
It is so simple to sew up.

A great project for your fat quarters and 45 minutes to yourself.

Materials Needed:

  • 2 fabrics- lining and outside each measuring 25″ X 11″
  • 100% cotton batting (anything other will burn in the microwave!)
  • 100% cotton thread

What Do You Need To Make Your Own Microwave Potato Bag?

Here are a few helpful supplies that you might want to look into using:

This is the right batting for the microwave:

Just in case you want to purchase a kit – ready to sew and it makes 2!

how to sew a microwave potato cooker bag

Microwave Potato Bag Cooker Tutorial:

In just 8 simple steps you’ll have your own potato microwave bag.


1)  Layer your three pieces -right sides facing and batting on the bottom

layering the pieces

2)  Sew all the way around the pieces, leaving a 3″ opening for turning

3)  Snip your corners to reduce bulk and turn right sides out

4)  Iron the edges and push the points out

5)  Sew all the way around the piece of fabric -close the opening with the stitching or by hand with the ladder stitch

finish stitching

Click the page # below to finish up your bag~

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  • Jean

    I also love baked potatoes, but whats the advantage of putting then in a bag in the microwave? I just put then in without but do miss the crispy skin from a normal oven

  • Melinda Wilkes

    100% cotton thread must also be used…as any other kind will also “burn” in the microwave.
    Thanks for the easy pattern!

  • gwen

    Don’t forget to use cotton thread too ….I made several for my friends with nylon thread and they all started on fire in their microwave ,After figuring out what I did wrong I made them some more with cotton thread ,,,,,alls good !

  • Angie

    ive been making these for over ten years, a little different, but my point is you have to use cotton thread too. Someone set her microwave too high and the thread started to burn on the edge. I had to resew 20 bags. I was selling at a craft fair in Arizona.
    Good luck!

  • Cynthia

    Definitely use only 100% cotton thread, fabric and batting! Potato batting- like Warm Tater or Wrap n Zap, is great for these, no glues or binders in it so it’s safe for use in the micro. 😀

  • Gail

    Just came across this – great idea! will have to try it. I made some “envelopes” like this without the interfacing for a friend who was having to use ice packs on her face recovering from surgery. I fit them to the ice packs and the cotton is less irritating on the skin than a paper towel or terrycloth one.

  • Jane

    My seams are too thick & bulky when I fold it with the overlay to sew together. I guess my batting is too thick.

  • Dianne

    Used 100% cotton fabric, batting, and thread. It caught fire in microwave the first time I used it. Beware!

  • Cathy

    My bag started on fire! I used 100% cotton mat’l & thread and got the proper batting at JoAnn’s. Any ideas why?

  • Becky

    Cathy- check the setting on your microwave..might be cooking it at a super high level? that’s my only guess. I’ve never had mine catch on fire or get that hot. Also– might be the content of something has more than cotton that isn’t mentioned in the fiber content.? Sorry i’m not better help!

  • Carol

    Read the contents of the package. It might say Cotton batting but if you read the fabric contents on the label it could have poly in it. Wrap n Zap in the instructions says to microwave at 2 minute intervals up to 8 minutes total. Of course never leave unattended while cooking.

  • Jenn P

    I don’t have cotton batting on hand. Think a few layers of cotton flannel would work for the inside? Also, I have a friend who wants a bigger one so she can cook more potatoes at a time. Okay to do? Size recommendations?

    Thank you to the commenter who mentioned a pillow case for ice packs. I need to make some.

  • Denise

    I have made several in different sizes and never had problems. I use the vegetable setting on my microwave for baked potatoes. Perfect every time.

  • Kandy Crowe

    A naked potato done in the microwave gives the potato a ‘gummy’ texture. A bagged potato (turn it every 2 minutes for a total of 8 if it’s a big one) will come out fluffy. Also, rinse the potato beforehand and wrap in a paper towel. That gives it the steam it needs.

  • Mary

    I tried this and the first time I put it in the Microwave it caught fire after 3 minutes. I used all cotton ingredients. Any ideas. I made 6 and was planning on giving them out to family and friends but don’t want them creating fires.

  • Fran Garrock

    I have made a couple of bags that turned out great. I am having trouble finding fabric, design appropriate for the kitchen, any suggestions?

  • Linda

    If you are buying batting cut and sold by the yard read the end of the bolt carefully. Some will state “100% Cotton” but the end of the bolt will include other things such as glue. Do not use anything except 100% cotton with nothing else added. The same for your thread…read the label. What you think is 100% cotton might actually be “100% cotton wrapped polyester.” Look for 100% cotton period. Microwaves are not all the same size and you may have to adjust the size of the pattern a bit to make certain that the bag isn’t getting caught by the corners which would prevent it from rotating freely. Microwave no more than 2 – 3 minutes at a time and never leave the microwave unattended.

  • Marg

    I bought one and it was all synthetic. Has never burned. Instructions say Only 4 minutes which I think is the secret.

  • Sharon

    Where is the page number to click on to get the rest of the instructions?? Need the rest of the instructions.

    thanks for this pattern.

  • Kris

    Just one thing here you mentioned this works with fat quarters but every fat quarter I have seen are 21″ x 18″ and your pattern calls for 25″ x 11″.

  • Karen Kieling

    I have found that if the bag gets caught on the sides of micro, it will catch fire so my instruction sheet to customers is to watch the first two revolutions to make sure it is not caught up. For this seasons craft shows I am also going to instruct to limiting time in micro at any one time to 2-3 minutes.

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