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How to Join Batting Video

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Everyone has batting.

And- I bet that along with the larger pieces of batting you have those smaller pieces and edges, ends and cut offs.

Those are taking up space and not getting much love or use— I know, I have a box that is loaded with these pieces!

They are sometimes used by smaller projects, but a lot of the times I find that the pieces are just a little smaller than I need and they get tossed back into the box again.

I’ve done a tutorial on piecing your batting before– today I thought I’d share a quick video on the whole process.

It’s quick and easy and really does work!

Those long strips of batting (that is usually the shape of mine) can be stitched together with an extra wide zig zag stitch to make a larger piece that is the right size for a quilt that needs finishing.

Joining Batting by Machine Video~

joining batting by machine video tutorial. great tutorial showing you how to make larger pieces with the small leftovers.How to Join Batting~




batting for quilts

Super simple, but it works great.

The little bits that I sew together I match up in thickness when sewing them together.  That will make your quilt a little more even and not fluffy fat in one spot and flat in the other.  I don’t worry too much about content- poly or cotton, but that would make a difference if they weren’t prewashed as they react to water differently and shrink at a different rate too.

Just a quick fyi don’t use colored thread!  I used this method one time using red thread {because I was super lazy and didn’t change it} and wouldn’t you know that the quilt I used the quilt batting in had big spaces of white fabric, and you guessed it, the red thread showed through. tragic.

So, keep with the same color of thread that the batting is.  It will save you bunches of headaches later. {no, i didn’t unpick the quilting. It occasionally shows itself if you look for it}.

All about different kinds of batting:

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Batting Storage Ideas:

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Do you have a trick for managing all those batting pieces?


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