Free Elf on the Shelf Clothing Patterns and Accessories

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Have fun with your elf on the shelf this year! Both, Girl and boy elf pattern plus over 11 free elf on the shelf clothing patterns and accessories.

The elf on the shelf is kind of a fun tradition.  We have our dolls just hanging around.  

They don’t move too much, but they are seen in the home.

This little set is perfect for sewing up and having ready to go for the fun ahead.  

And, if you are looking for printables – check these out:  Elf  on the Shelf Printables.

11 + Free Elf on the Shelf Clothing Patterns and Accessories you can Sew!!

Now’s the time to have some fun!! Pick up some new ideas, props and activities for your Elf on the Shelf to participate in.


You’ll find instructions to make a cape, skirt, and shirt.

Bow tie— it’s time for fancy!

Sock dress tutorial


Sleeping Bag

Messenger bag– no sew!


flying scarf

bedazzled elf skirt

Bedazzled Skirt and Scarf Tutorial

tutu skirt for elf

Tutu skirt for Elf

Barbie chef hat and apron 100

Bakers hat and apron

Elf Jersey Template IMAGE with watermark

Sport shirt- your favorite team jersey!

Elf doll pattern – sew your own!

Buy the elf on the shelf – girl and boy elf pattern and get sewing!

Take a look at some that are already busy, made with the pattern!!

elf 1
elf 3
 elf on the shelf clothes and accessories you can sew

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