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Double Gauze Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial

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The baby burp cloth is like the most used thing on the planet.  You can never have enough.

Today I thought I’d show you how to make one using double gauze fabric.   While I know this fabric is thin, when it’s doubled over you have pretty good protection and I can’t resist making baby sets!  So of course this one matches the baby blanket with pom pom earlier (tutorial here).

The double gauze I purchased was extra wide….so when I squared up for the blanket, I was left with a long strip.  This is what was used for the burp cloth.

You can use whatever fabric you’d like though- don’t worry about the ‘special fabric’.

Materials Needed:

pom pom edging 2 yards

double gauze fabric – 16″ X 48″

*because I was using the leftover cut off strip from this baby blanket (double gauze came in a 60″ width) I used one long piece that I folded over.  If you don’t have have one long piece, then simply use 2 — 16″ X 24″

double gauze baby burp cloth tutorial with pom pom edges - so super cute!

Baby Burp Cloth Instructions~

1- fold over the long strip –right sides together

2- stitch around the whole thing leaving a 3″ opening on one small end for turning

3- snip corners and turn right sides out

4- iron edges

5- stitch 1/2″ from the edge

6- fold under the opening area and stitch along the edge to close

7- lay the pom pom under the hem of one long side.  Pin if needed – use a zipper foot to get by those pom poms

1 zipper foot with pom pom edging

8- stitch with a zig zag to secure the pom pom to the side

zig zag stitching for pom pom

9- repeat with the opposite long side – I didn’t have enough pom pom for all four sides, so I just attached it to the two long sides. You can choose to do something different if you’d like.

double gauze burp cloth tutorial with pom pom edges

What is Double Gauze Fabric?  Find out here- All about Double Gauze Fabrics

pom pom edge double gauze baby blanket tutorial

Want to make the whole baby set?  Head on over here– baby blanket with pom pom edge (using double gauze!)

Here’s another burp cloth with hexagon caterpillars!


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  1. Judy

    Thanks for the tutorial. I had some leftover gauze and made 2 burp cloths.

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