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Sewing with Double Gauze Fabric

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Hopefully you’ve seen double gauze fabric in the stores by now and the super cute baby blanket I made with pom poms on the edge (adorable!).

If not, well- today we will be learning just a little bit about double gauze fabric and how you can use it in your quilting or sewing projects.

What is double gauze fabric-

Ultra soft double gauze fabric is perfect to use for blankets, baby items, dresses, skirts, quilting and more.

It features 2 layers of very thin gauze fabrics fused together, to create a super soft, full bodied fabric.  The two layers of gauze are tacked together at regular intervals with little stitches that are undetectable from the right side of the fabric.  This makes the fabric then move together as one piece.

The drape of a double gauze is similar to that of shot cotton or a light-weight linen. double gauze does tend to wrinkle during wear, though not as much as linen.

Why do you use it~

It’s thin and it’s soft.  That is enough for me!

Because of the thin weave and it’s so light it breaths wonderfully.  Great for projects you’ll use during the summer

It has a great drape and is perfect for skirts, shirts or whatever else type of apparel.

How do you care for it~

Wash it as usual – it can shrink, so watch the temperature of the water while washing

Where do you buy it~

You’ll start seeing it in the local quilt shops.  It’s making a move into the quilting world…which is so fun to see!

You can pick it up online here at Annies or here on Amazon.

double gauze fabric - what is it? and projects you can sew with it

Videos to help with the hemming–

Double Fold Hem Video

Fun projects to make with your gauze fabric~

Simple baby blanket with pom pom edge

Burp cloths

Double Gauze Lap Blanket Tutorial

Swaddling Blanket

Guaze Wrap

Infinity Scarf

What kind of projects do you sew with this fabric?


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