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Cranky Quilt- PinWheel

cranky quilt patchwork posse

PINWHEEL BLOCK – cranky quilt

For EACH Block you will need:

2- 5 inch X 5 inch blocks —- Background
2- 5 inch X 5 inch blocks —- Color

You will be making 8 blocks for the row quilt so you will need:

16– 5 X 5 blocks—- background
16– 5 X 5 blocks—- color


1) Grab 2 background squares and 2 patterned squares.

2 backgrounds, and 2 pattered squares on top of each other. All 4 pieces will be stacked. Do this for each block.
Make sure the sides are all lined up nicely.

3) Lay your ruler on top of the pile at an angle.
We are not making these perfect they are cranky! You want to be at least 1 inch from the corners.

4) Cut.

5) Re-align the pieces. You want one colored/patterned
fabric with one background piece. Make sure you don’t turn them!!

6) Taking the two on the top, match up their cut edge. Your tips need to be peaking out from the edge.

7) Iron open. Repeat for other 3. Lay the finished squares out in the block pattern

8) Sew the top 2 together, repeat for the bottom 2. The outsides will not match!! Make sure you are lining up the centers when sewing.

9) Sew the top and bottom pieces together. The center point will NOT match. Neither will the outside edges.

10) Square up to 8″ X 8″
Repeat for a total of 8 blocks. Sew these together to make one strip for the quilt.

For all the rows and instructions visit the Cranky Quilt.

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Log Cabin Quilt block

Take a peak at some of last months cranky log cabin blocks.

Look at the cranky pinwheel block in a whole quilt…cute…

The lady on the right brought this to quilt group last night. had to share. She says that she has always quilted quilts, but never peiced them. So this is her FIRST pieced quilt!!! I of course asked her 1-will you ever piece again, and 2- will you ever make another triangle. W.O.W. I didn’t get the back which showed off her fantastic quilting. in the ditch + another echo. crazy wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Cranky Quilt- PinWheel

  1. Julie

    Hey, thanks again for ALL your help…the ladies are loving it!! It’s nice to seem some step out of their comfort zone!! 😉 Have a great day. Julie

  2. Amy

    I love the quilt that is entirely cranky pinwheels! I think I may do that! Maybe after I do all the other million quilts I have plans for 🙂

  3. fairychildheirlooms

    hymorscwell Becky… I just got this block done in less than 5 minutes. great tutorial! but as you can see, I’m too late for the pattern drawing. I just posted my cranky block on the flickr group
    🙂 Missy

  4. Lanetta Sprott

    Love this! Thank you for sharing your tutorial! I clicked on the link for the 2-page printable pattern, but it’s not working any longer! Well, bummer!

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