The Cranky Quilt

The Cranky Quilt is one of the funnest quilts I have designed– as well as one of the first larger….and block or row by row quilt along.

It features 7 rows that vary in style and size.

The idea was to take the typical blocks and make them so –the points didn’t matter, rules were kind of tossed to the wind and you could sew, sew,sew without getting all cranky about it being perfect.

cranky quilt patchwork posse

This quilt was done in 2 different quilt groups, plus here online.

There are a lot of Cranky Quilts out there- I love that!

For some it was kind of hard. Hard to step away from the regular rules and go with the flow and not unpick…and be totally ok with the result.

In the end- the result was fantastic!  Every single quilt was perfect in it’s own way and you could really see that the process was really enjoyed.

After a bit of reviewing, the pattern for the cranky quilt has been updated and is now in one file.

cranky quilt - free tutorial and download on it's not about perfection! I love the idea and the quilt.

Download the pdf file for this project from my free resource library.

Get the password for the library including this free pattern!

or you can visit each page below for the instructions as well—

Did you miss one of the blocks? you can find them individually here:

Pinwheel block
Basket Block
Ohio Star Block
Friendship start Block
Rail Fence Block
9 Patch Block
Log Cabin Quilt block

Here are a few show quilt tops that have been finished:

Cranky Quilt – Download    Get the password for the library including this free pattern!


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