Cranky Rail Fence Block

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Rail Fence Quilt Block – Cranky Quilt

Make 6 total blocks.
**I added a spacer between the blocks. You could probably make 7 and have no spacers**
Finished size:
9 inch X 9 inch

1) Cut random pieces out of your fabrics into strips. The strips need to be at least 7 inches long…you can add pieces to get this length too. More scrappy, cranky.
Strips can be cut into any width under 2 ½ inch
You will need a bunch of strips!

2) Take these strips and randomly sew them together. Mix the thick and the thin.
You will need to get these to at least 6 inch wide.
3) Cut these piece to 6 X 7 inch rectangles.
4) Sew 2 of these squares together. You will sew the 6 inch side to the 7 inch side….I know, I know, They will not meet!!! They are not the same size. That is ok.

5) Sew these 2 blocks to another set of 2 blocks. **The centers are totally off, but the edges match!** Cranky, but not cranky.
6) Line up your ruler on the finished block. You need to cut the square to 9X9 inch. You have a choice…..cranky or super cranky…just depends on the placement and angle of the ruler!
7) I put a sashing in between. They were cut 2 inches by 9 inches long.

Finished block- cut cranky style:

For all the rows and instructions visit the Cranky Quilt.

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Here are some inspirations for you:
More inspiration from previous blocks:

 Quilted and bound. I am not so sure this is cranky after all. I have loved the process of not following any rules, and making up some traditional blocks with a ‘cranky’ attitude. (really this is how i piece everything—bad habit, hee hee)

Here is the backside. I used a yellow linen type back with just a square of the front fabric in the one corner because i didn’t have enough of the yellow. It bugs the honey. Makes him ‘cranky’. click on it to make it bigger (really just to see the quilting— i actually did a really good job on this one, how exciting is that?)

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