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Embroidery Pillow – Sewing Projects for Kids Series

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The fun thing about this pillow is that it is totally customizable.  Depending on the embroidery that will be stitched, or the name length, the pillow can be custom sized around it.

There is no pillow form, so again you can customize your size and learn how to stuff things so they aren’t lumpy!

embroidery pillow kids sewing series

Materials Needed:

polfil stuffing

embroidery thread and needle

12″ X 25″ fabric

12″ X 15″ background for embroidery

2– 12″ ric rac (optional)

embroidery pillow1

Embroidery Pillow – Sewing Projects for Kids Series:

1)  Write with pencil the name on the right side of the background embroidery fabric

2)  Stitch the letters and any other lines you drew

embroidery pillow name

3)  Sew the 25″ fabric to one side of the embroidery piece

4)  Fold the fabric over and sew to the other side of the embroidery piece (this will make a tube)

embroidery pillow tube

5)  Open the tube as best you can and iron the seam

6)  Pin the ric rac in place on the seam and stitch down the center

embroidery pillow with ric rac

7)  Repeat with the other side

8)  Fold the tube over each other- right sides facing and play with the layout.  We centered the embroidery piece on the pillow

9)  Pin all sides

embroidery pillow pin all sides

10)  Sew around the whole pillow, leaving a 4″ opening for turning

11)  Turn right sides out and iron

12)  Fill with polyfil stuffing

13)  Stitch the opening closed with a ladder stitch

embroidery pillow 2

This is part of the Sewing Projects for Kids series.  Watch for more sewing tutorials just for kids to sew!

If you are ready to sew right are a few kids sewing projects here or projects you can make for camp outs and hikes. or more kids summer sewing here!

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