How to Clean Plexiglass Sewing Machine Tables

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There are a lot of options now for your sewing machines and one of them is the plexi glass sewing machine tables.

After you have it home and find out how wonderful this is, you are probably wondering how you’re going to keep it clean!

I had one for a bit and I really loved that it made the projects I was sewing on higher and the table area was large! I also liked the clear aspect to it. I could see what was underneath, including my scissors that I store there.

I currently have a Juki machine and the extension table is white, not clear. I miss the clear – but it’s not a game changer. I still love the larger sewing surface!

It is still plastic, so I would follow the same advice given here for cleaning it.

Where to find the Plexiglass Sewing Tables:

Clear Sewing Machine Table

Clear Sewing Machine Table – 24″ X 24″

How to Clean Plexiglass sewing table

* There were some mentions of what NOT TO USE– vinegar. That was high on the NO NO list.

Cleaning Sewing Table Video:

As with anything that you purchase for your machine, read the instructions well and the products they recommend for keeping it clean and in good working condition.

Miss Sew-it-all has a great article on cleaning other plexiglass sewing items like rulers. Check it out here.

You can join the conversation here.

Do you have a plexiglass table? How do you keep it clean?

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