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Quilt Market {an emotional roller coaster}

This past week has whirled by me like a dream.  I am not one to talk much about the business side of things around here, but this seriously was a major step for me.

I heart market

I was invited to attend an affiliate think tank which I loved.  I soaked in all the info like a spounge, knowing that right after attending that I would be heading to International Quilt Market to promote myself.  I was looking for hints, tips, and ways I could present myself to brands and other designers.

Stepping out in front of others, card in hand with a sales pitch is hard!  How am I different from everyone else that is attending that show?  How do I stand out?  What’s my angle? What’s my expertise?  I had to make sure I knew and understood this BEFORE I went.  I didn’t want to end up like a bumbling fool {a few times I totally did though} and knew that this was a ‘go big or go home moment’ for me.


With the help of others, I made appointments ahead of time.  I actually scheduled my time out!  This was so new to me.  I have found out that I am an outgoing introvert.   If that wasn’t a clash of titles.  I love being around others, but after a bit I am totally overwhelmed, stressed out and then….I tend to hide.  I can easily dissapear in this big bad world of the internet.  Hide behind my words, tutorials, pictures….but I knew that if I want to succeed it is time to step out.  Put my big girl panties on and hit the pavement so to speak.


Grabbing hold of all the courage I have, I packed my bags {less the camera, yeah I know. totally lame!}  and headed to I think is a turning point for me.  I was there to help build who I am.  To connect myself with others who were willing to take a little chance with me.  Lucky for me I could start with- I have a few things in the Andover Fabric booth {my patterns too!} and I have been published a few times to back me up.  From there I was able to build relationships with companies that I think would be a great fit for me and you!  Which makes me even more nervous because I am not just going for me….it’s for you too.


I have attended in the past Quilt Markets and networked before at conferences…but I never planned so far ahead of time as to what I was there for.  I am so thankful that I had planned ahead.  Doing so kept me on track.  I wasn’t allowed to hide, I had to go meet someone.  They were expecting me to be there.  So, I went.  I went to all of them.

I met some wonderful people and learned so much from them and their business.  The meetings alwasy started with a business chat, but eventually made it to the personal side.  Which makes everyone feel comfortable.  Finding those one or two connections helps.  Some connections were names, vacation spots, homeschooling, or even blogs we love and follow.  The simple things really are what define what the relationship will be or become.  I love that!


I do find it hard though to keep all my thoughts and ideas in check.  I have the gift of gab…and I am always running my words into others.  I am working on this.  There were a few moments where I had to silently remind myself to ‘shut up and just listen’.  Listen to them.  Give them the time they are looking for.  Let them find a connection with you.  It’s ok to not be in charge of all conversations.  Letting this happen wasn’t the easiest, but it was the most rewarding.


I am excited to see where these new connections — and even old connections made new because we finally met in person! will take me and you.  I was there to work on some details for the annual Round Robin…which this year will be seriously the biggest and best, ever!  I was there to find out what I can do as a designer.  I was there to work on building my brand and making connections that will allow me to actually call this a business and makes me money so I can do this full time.  Not just full time hobby, but full time Designer.

The most rewarding part of all of this is where you step in.  What others do with my patterns and ideas is always fascinating to me.  I am one to encourage others to take the designs as a jumping point for their own ideas and inspiration.  I love the idea of going beyond what the original was and finding a way to express your own vision.


This year has been such a journey, which has led me to this point right now.  I am still filtering through all the eye candy, and chatter from both events– which happened back to back, but I am totally excited to set some new goals and watch as things unfold and progress.

I have to thank YOU for all of your participation, support and encouragement.  It’s not an easy thing to step out and proclaim to the world that they should take notice…. but it does get slightly easier knowing that I have a ‘posse’ that stands next to me.  I truly am greatful for each and everyone of you.  Whether you read, share, comment, sew along, or silently nod in acceptance, it makes a big difference in my life and helps define what steps to take next.

Thank you 🙂



6 thoughts on “Quilt Market {an emotional roller coaster}

  1. craftytammie

    Becky, I was so happy to meet you in person! I’d love to work with you again, maybe on the next round robin or something else! xo tammie

  2. Pat H.

    I admire your bravery for facing the challenge of getting your business started. Good luck with this and I hope your designs become the most popular in the world.

  3. Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts

    what a great experience!

  4. Lori

    Thank you Becky for letting us live what going to quilt market is like and about……

  5. Becky

    XOXO everyone for you nice comments. 🙂

  6. Gabriele

    Glad to participate in your exiting adventures.

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