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Crafty Questions – What do you want to know?

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There are times when I really need to know the answer for something.  How to finish a stitch, maybe how to bind with a miter corner, what a is a slip stitch for crochet?  What’s the best way to make a knot with your thread?

Things like this pester my brain until I find –someone who knows the answer, google it, watch it on you-tube….. or whatever.  Until I do dig around though it is a pest.  And, sometimes the answers are not in the places I am looking!

After giving a few things some more thought it came to mind that you are probably in the same predicament!  You are just as pestered by those questions and finding an answer would be so nice!  Wouldn’t it? Yes!!

So, where is all this thinking and pestering going to?  It’s going to this:

Ask your Crafty Questions…… what do you want to know?  You ask- We answer!

crafty questions

This is how it is going to work–

You- fill out this form and we–  will start answering them!  We will do the research.  We will find the resources, articles, you-tube videos, tutorials…whatever.  We will put it all in a post and pile it up for you to read, watch and share.

To get us started though…..we need some crafty questions!

Fill this quick little form out so we can get our research going.  And, don’t forget to sign up for email reminders— that way when we answer your question, you’ll know all about it!

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  1. Deby at So Sew Easy

    I love this idea Becky. What a great way to find out what the readers want to know and then create exactly the right content.

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