kids sewing series- 8 projects ebook. Teach kids to sew!

Kids Sewing Series e-book is here!

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Since I was 8 years old I have always had a needle in my hand or a sewing machine to sew on.
My mom started me off with a little sampler and when I was a bit older I set off on a sewing machine in a summer sewing class.
The class was full of fun projects, but was more on the clothing focus. While I loved this, the option of me sewing the lines and reading the instructions by myself wasn’t really feasible.

kids sewing series- 8 projects ebook. Teach kids to sew!
The 8 projects in this e-book are a little simpler and depending on the age, they would be projects that can be sewn almost by themselves. What they will enjoy the most is the finished projects are useable.
Projects included:

kids sewing series headband pillowcase with cuff pattern
composition book cover tutorial kids sewing project travel pillow tutorial kids sewing series
soccer ball cinch bag tutorial travel art tutorial1
dog plushie big embroidery pillow kids sewing series

1. Headband with scrunchie flower
2. Travel pillow
3. Pillowcase with cuff
4. Book cover with elastic closure
5. Sports cinch bag with mesh front
6. Embroidered pillow for your bed
7. Travel art case
8. Hound dog plushie

The 8 projects are something they can sew and use and show off to others their skills. They are a great jumping point for more projects as well.
Round up your supplies and get sewing!

6 of the 8 are available on the blog…. for free. The additional 2- the Hound Dog Plushie and the Travel Art Kit are only available in the ebook.  The template for the Hound Dog is included as well.

No more hunting the blog for sewing projects for your kids to sew. They are in a slick little book that you can save to your computer and then print if you wish.

These would be fun to give as a gift with a few sewing supplies or gift card to load up with supplies.



If you are not sure they will dig the sewing machine (or your nerves can handle it) how about a pile of 9 fun felt animals that teach them how to hand sew!

quick stitch book cover

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