What is a Fat Quarter & other Fabric Dimensions {free printable chart}

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What is a Fat Quarter?

Fat Quarter Size?

What and How big is a fat quarter?

Dimensions of a quarter?

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to pre-cuts in fabric, or sizes of just regular cuts, my brain goes to mush.  I can’t remember.

I mix them up…. is a fat quarter size is 18″? 19″?

What is a fat quarter again?

I usually hold up my hands and think to myself– what is a fat quarter again? – it’s about that size. Right? You, I am sure, remember them much better than I.

You can quickly recall to your sewing buddies the right size.  If that’s you, then please ignore this post.  For the rest of us– I have come up with a solution.

Fat Quarter Size – Free Printable Chart

A little business card that holds all fat quarter size dimensions. You can stuff it into a pocket in your purse or bag and whip it out when the mind fails you.

What is a Fat Quarter? printable pre-cut fabric size chart / patchworkposse.com #fatquarter #fabric

What is a Fat Quarter Size? printable card of pre cut fabric sizes / patchworkposse.com #fatquarter #fabric Besides all of the ‘fat’ sizes, fabric now comes in pre-cuts.  There are some super fun ones out there, and now there are tiny ones and triangles! Who would have thought that we don’t like the cutting method so much and we are going for quick- so these pre-cuts are handy and we love them!


What is a quarter of fabric?

A quarter of fabric is a square quarter of a yard.

Let’s go over how this works out.

If you get your fabric bolt cut on the quarter measurement…..it’s a long strip of fabric.

Now, this is handy but sometimes it just won’t work for what you need!

You are needing something a little bit larger than 9 inches….. but not more fabric though!

What is a fat quarter of fabric?

Well- a FAT quarter of fabric means that you are getting the same amount of fabric…but it’s in a square shape instead of a long strip.

The fabric cutter will take one yard of fabric and cut it in half….and then cut it in half again, leaving the pieces a large square.

The fabric is sold by the yard, so if you got one yard of fabric it would 36 inches long by 44 inches wide.

If you got a half yard it would be 18 inches long by 44 inches wide.

If you wanted a quarter of a yard it would be 9 inches long by 44 inches wide.

Dimensions of a Quarter~

The dimensions of a fat quarter, however, is cut 18 inches long by 22 inches wide.

Dimensions of a fat quarter - What size if a fat quarter and other pre cut fabric measurements. This printable size chart will help you remember all of them!

What is a Fat Quarter Size: Here are all the other sizes- just in case you needed to know right now…. 

Fat quarter 18″ X 22″

Fat Eighth 9″ X 21″

Charm Pack 5″ X 5″

Mini Charms 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″

Jelly Roll 2 1/2″ X 45″ or Width of Fabric

Layer Cake 10″ X 10″

Turnover 6″ triangle

Honey Bun 1 1/2″ X 45″ or Width of Fabric

One Yard 36″ X 45″ or Width of fabric

Dessert Roll 5″ X 45″ or Width of fabric

Honeycomb Hexagons 6″

Now that you know what is a fat quarter— what can you do with it?

The large square of fabric is quite usable.  There are a few options that could be useful, depending on the project you are working on.

Just in case you wanted to know how many squares you can cut from a fat quarter piece-

Size of Fat Quarter Squares~

99 2″ squares
56 2 1/2″ squares
42  3″ squares
30  3 1/2″ squares
20  4″ squares
16  4 1/2″ squares
12  5″ squares
12  5 1/2″ squares
9  6″ squares
6  6 1/2″ squares

You can quickly download the what is a fat quarter and other precut fabric sizes card here.

It is a pdf file and will print off 10 business card sized charts per page.

pdf file pre cut fabric sizes card–> inside the Quilt Library

You can easily share all your knowledge with your sewing friends.

printable pre-cut fabric size chart / patchworkposse.com #fatquarter #fabric

Fabric Sizes Printable Cards pdf Download    –Get the password for the library  

Already have the password? Access it here: Quilting Resource Library

Is there anything missing from the list? What else should be on there? Leave me a note in the comments-

For a bit more fun– check out cutting your fat quarters up…what can you get out of it?

fat eighth cuts- there are two! | patchworkposse #fatquarter #fabric #quilting

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