Quilt as you Go Raw Edge Technique

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Sometimes being all perfect and intentional in the quilting world is tiring. Sometimes it’s just nice to sew what you’d like and not worry about the edges and seams.
If you are ready to step into a bit of relaxation of just mindless sewing- this quilt as you go technique of raw edge is for you!

quilt as you go tutorial

The idea of the whole leaving the raw edge is that it’s quick- 1 and it’s not perfect and kind of quirky – 2.

If the pieces overlap and aren’t lined up straight- it’s just fine! Leave it.  This is kind of a fun, slap it down, stitch it up technique.  You could even purposely make them crooked!

Raw Edge Quilt as you go Technique~

quilt as you go raw edge tutorial

I started with my strips at 1″ wide by the length of the batting. In the project I was sewing this on, the size of the batting was 7″ X 7″.  The strips were the length of the fabric so I could start a new piece of batting where the first one left off and just keep feeding it into the machine without thinking about it.

The whole idea is that you need to overlap the next strip just enough so when you are stitching it down, it catches both the new strip and the previous strip below.

Keep up with the process until you have covered the entire piece of batting.

This technique doesn’t require additional ‘quilting’.  That would kind of mess up the ravel affect, so it’s just a one time stitch.

Here is a quick view of the piece after I was done covering it with the strips.

how to quilt as you go raw edge

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