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the Round Robin Edition 17 – Quilts for Tables!

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happy monday.

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in the sewing room

With the release of the Pocket Edition things in the sewing room have slowed way down!

Keeping my head up though– I think the end is here.  Last Friday I hung out with some friends and sewed until the wee hours…(not really, but really late).

My machine has been lost in the shuffle and I really missed that sewing time!

I’ve decided that I really need to keep track of the projects that I have going as well as what I would like to do in the planner….not only that, I really need to open it up and remind myself what I have to sew! Not sure, but I continue to get sidetracked and lost with that.

Next on my list — sew a bit more on the Sampler of 2018 as well as start a few minis for swaps coming up.  Those are so fun to do! They are quick to sew and get a reward from (reward for finishing!).  I have a pile of super cute fabric that’s been all too patient for it’s turn. Hoping to get to it soon!

Have something fun on your list? 


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Just a quick note added to this— the IAQ (online quilt group) is open again!  You can join anytime right now…and start sewing along with us. We have been working on the Sampler of 2018 and the Scavenger Hunt BOM.  Both, you can find on the site:

today’s topic  Table Runners!

These are seriously great to make. They are a little larger than a wall hanging but not as large as a quilt.

It’s a great way to give a new technique a try without a major commitment.

Plus, they are quick to sew up and perfect for refreshing your home.

Along with the table runners come a little technique to make it even go a little quicker! –>

If you are ready to try a new technique the quilt as you go technique, a quick small project like a table runner is a great project to start with. You can sew just enough to understand the process, but it’s not a huge project to overwhelm you either.

Sometimes this technique gets stuck with only strip fabric. What I love about exploring this technique is that there are quite a few options! You’ll see what I mean with these quilt as you go patterns. Not just strips here!

10+ Table Runner Tutorials & Quilt as you go

sew it make a ribbon table runner- quilt as you go!

twisted ribbon table runner tutorial

Table runners are perfect for giving your room a new look without spending a whole lot of money and time on it.  They are kind of like pillows.  They can add pops of color and design to the room pretty quick.

For this table runner, I thought I’d take try at making a braided design.  No template is neededand if you put your backing on before you start you will have a quilt as you go project!  (I of course forgot until I was done that I didn’t do that!)

If you forget your backing like I did, you can add it later, do a few straight quilting in the ditch of the seams and then continue to the binding.  No biggie, but it does add a bit more stitching time.

Sew it up here: Twisted Ribbon Table Runner Tutorial

something fun

Simple Strip Table Runner…  click here to read more

25+ Table Runner Tutorials…. click here to read more

Quick 30 minute table runner…  click here to read more

Chunky Wheel Table Runner…. click here to read more

Color Blocks Table Runner…. click here to read more

quilty chit chat

There have been a few fun projects posted in the Quilting 101 fb group.

 The Three’s Company  your blocks are flying in and they are sooo wonderful to see! Are you sewing along?

Join the group for free here.

For all the Round Robin editions- visit here.

Do you have a favorite resource online or in person that you love? Share it in the comments!

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