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This post has been a little bit in the making…and I’m so excited to finally announce something fun and let you in on what’s been happening around here!

Last year I was introduced to Quilt Pro by a friend — (Handi Quilter Educator & Instructor).  She and I both have EQ8– and while it’s great, there are a few things it was missing.

Anyways- after checking out the free version (no extra functions, simple block program- Block Party) I was sold and totally interested in learning more about the program, what is available and how it all works.

At first it was a little like EQ in that it does have a small learning curve….but it was less of one!

I followed the tutorials that they provide on their site and then started to explore a little bit more on my own.

By the end of the tutorials, I knew my way around the program and started to have some fun.

Here are a few things that I have been working on~

To help you out in getting to know the program a little better, what it’s about, what it can do for you, and more….here’s a discount~!

QPPOSSE. Good for 25% off your purchase at Quiltpro.com

What is Quilt-Pro and Block Party and how they work for designing quilts & why you need it! Plus, a discount to purchase the program!

Quilt Pro – vs- Block Party

The company offers two programs.  Quilt Pro is the more robust program.  Block Party is the free version.  Both are similar to each other- the only difference is- Quilt Pro has more options.

Block Party

Block Party is a revolutionary, feature packed quilting program that integrates intuitive features like:

  • Our modern, easy to use platform
  • Yardage Estimator
  • Basic Quilt Preview
  • Unlimited Size Variations
  • Block Rotation Tool

It also allows you to print full size templates for:

  • Strip piecing
  • Appliqué
  • English Paper Piecing
  • Paper Piecing

And you can try it all for free! Block Party comes with a unique selection of blocks for you to test out your favorite features.

Quilt Pro

Quilt-Pro is our premium quilt design software. Quilt-Pro has an extensive range of features to help you draw pieced blocks, applique blocks, quilting stencils and foundation blocks.

  • You can also create any kind of quilt, including traditional pieced quilts, applique quilts, hexagonal, “baby block”, and even free-form landscape style quilts.
  • Quilt-Pro also enables you to place embroidery and photos on blocks and quilts.
  • Quilt-Pro easily prints foundations, rotary-cutting charts and templates to sew your quilt.
  • You can also print fabric charts to estimate how much fabric you will need.

Quilt-Pro has all the features you need to visualize any quilting idea and make it a reality!

In easy terms— Block Party can print off instructions for rotary, applique, paper piecing, strip piecing. You can choose and change the size of the quilt block itself.  Full templates and materials list- cutting included.

QPPOSSE. Good for 25% off your purchase at Quiltpro.com

Quilt Pro – Hints & Tips:

1- go through the tutorials & lessons! I can’t stress it enough to use what is provided to you. There are enough tutorials to get a great start on using the program and what it can do for you. Don’t skip over this. You’ll end up going back to these anyways, so you might as well start off right there.

2- find more tutorials! I have put together a little series on Youtube to help a little bit more. These are things that I picked up and either missed in the first set of tutorials or came upon them after using it for a little bit.

3- follow the block of the day There is a free block posted to the site every day. These will work either in the free program or the QuiltPro program. You simply download the block and you are ready to explore.

4- purchase additional collections or blocks.  There are a lot of block collections …including mine! from great designers.  These are a great way to take the original design and make it your own.  Using these within Quilt Pro you have full control of making your own quilt layouts, designs using the fabric you want. These are great for expanding the basic blocks that come with the program. There are basic collections, designer collections and limited edition collections.

5- check out the quilting stencils! These are so neat- you can preview, design, shape and use the layouts for quilting the blocks within the program. Take the guess work out of the quilting.

6- use the print and sew templates.  These allow you to print off templates for perfect half square triangles and flying geese.  Over 20 sizes to print available.

QPPOSSE. Good for 25% off your purchase at Quiltpro.com

Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up— a whole collection of blocks for the Three’s Company BOM.

So excited to share! Watch your email for that release!

Have you tried this yet? Would love to know what you think about it. 


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