Sewing Projects for Kids

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Teaching kids to sew is a wonderful thing.  It can be a little bit tricky though to get them interested long enough to finish a sewing project.  Whether it be hand stitching or machine sewing, kids are totally capable of sewing and learning how to do a few simple fun projects.

Most of the time it’s giving the kids a choice in the project that inspires them to give sewing a try.  There are a lot of different projects that they are capable of doing– young or teen, little fingers can keep busy with projects for themselves, friends, or for charity.

Easy Sewing projects for kids | learn to sew | patchwork posse

Sewing Projects for Kids

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Easy Sewing projects for kids | learn to sew | patchwork posse Earth Day Kids Craft Blog Hop


Besides their own projects, you can introduce them to a few organizations that will allow them to use their new found interest in giving back to someone else.

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