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Easy Sewing Projects for Kids

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There are really a lot of different easy sewing projects for kids or beginners, and depending on your own kids you might just start off with something super easy and they will learn quickly and move along nicely.  Other kids might really not enjoy it and find that it is no their thing. That’s ok. They have a good start and some day in the future it might hit them that they had tried it and are willing to try again.

Easy Sewing projects for kids | learn to sew | patchwork posse

These easy to sew patterns are quiet different in subject and sewing level….thinking that you could use these as a basic jumping point.  Give you some ideas on what kind of project the kids might like to sew during the summer– or any other time of year that is!

ribbon bug plushie pattern

Ribbon Bugs

free plushie pattern summer travelers

Summer Little Travelers

Felt Ipod Case

patchwork bookmark

Fabric Bookmarks

cinch bag tutorial

patchwork bird

Little Birdie- A Feathered Nest– perfect for hand embroidery!

neck pillow

Neck Pillow by Mommy Sew Pretty


Jelly Bean Plushies

Sewing-with-kids-via-Childhood-101 (1)

Embroidery with Kids


Lavendar Sachet Bags

There truly is no end of ideas when it comes to sewing patchwork projects with the kids.  They can sometimes surprise you in their knowledge and abilities.  What you might think is over their head, might be spot on.  We have found a few sewing books in the library –one was a Star Wars sewing book….Jarom loved it and made 3 projects on his own out of it– he was 10}

The idea is to just expose them to your own world.  Share with them why you spend so much time doing what you do- Sew

And Just in case you are looking for more projects– Amber from Crazy Little Projects is starting a series today!

learn to sew

Head on over and see what simple and super easy sewing projects she will have up–


6 thoughts on “Easy Sewing Projects for Kids

  1. Teresa Jenkins

    I teach Pre-Kindergarten, and I was wondering what kind of sewing projects you might suggest for 4-5 year old children? I think hand sewing would be a great fine-motor skill and we do lacing projects but I thought it would be neat if my students worked on a project in a center/workstation that they could give as gifts. Any suggestions you may have would be appreciated.

    In HIS Time
    Teresa Jenkins

  2. Mykelti Kotzur

    This site was such a help for me. I’m 9 and I could easily make these on my own. I had lots of fun making the drawstring bag for my mum. Bye

  3. Saskia

    Hi I teach children to sew and I have loads of pictures in my gallery on my website or on my Facebook page dottybobbin1 with loads of ideas of the kinds of things I sew with them, all on machines, from age 5. Thought you might like them x

  4. Becky

    thank you! I’ll go check them out. I love sewing with kids.

  5. Lynn

    Hi ! i hope i am still on your list because i like to have them so i male them with my dradkids. Lynn Roberts

  6. Jan

    Ideas for a 4 year old girl loves doing craft etc

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