8 Simple and Quick Fabric Napkins for Any Time of Year

Every holiday kind of jumps in place quickly behind the next. I know, I know they are here on the same day each year. It’s not like it’s a surprise or anything, but really…I feel like it is!
To make things a big special at the dining table (or card table depending on how you do things) you can make it a bit more special with a holiday tablecloth and napkin.

easy fabric napkin tutorials | patchworkposse #easysewingproject #holiday #napkins
Make them in generic or non-holiday fabric and you are set for each one! Or take a bit more time and make one per holiday and you are ready for when it springs upon you.
Either way, making a tablecloth and napkin is a pretty simple task.

They don’t take much fussing and piecing. Just a little bit of your time.
Here are some simple and quick Holiday Napkin Tutorials-
Now it’s time to get sewing! Hurry before the doorbell rings.

selfbindingnapkintutorial easy fabric napkins tutorial | patchworkposse #easysewingproject #holiday #freepattern
scrapnapkin frenchnapkin
christmas craft napkin holder 2 IMG_0837
block_printed_napkins_finished_01 Fabric-Holiday-Napkin-Rings

My favorite thing about fabric napkins?  They are super simple and can be made in so many different ways!  They are small projects that can be made in a shorter amount of time and are great to have on hand as backup gifts.

They are great to add a little bit of fun to any dinner party or evening.

During the holidays….or any time of year, do you use fabric napkins?