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the Round Robin Edition 11 -Keeping Organized with Fabric Bins and Buckets

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happy monday.

I love new sewing room ideas. One of them is fabric baskets and bins.
There are a few things that you can never really make enough of fabric bins or baskets is one of them. I have them holding fabric, scraps, sewing projects, pencils, little bits.you name it, it can store it.
While being organized is a big plus, the other benefit is the cuteness! Finding a way to show off fabric, designs, patterns.is always fun. These can brighten a room, shelf, and yet be useful as well.

in the sewing room

I am finally finished with the largest quilt I have ever sewn. The Sampler of 2018.  (part of the IAQ membership)  Seriously….this is how I ended up putting the borders on.

It was soooo long I needed to stretch it across something so it could get pinned.  The group was ok, but bending and kneeling didn’t sound very good…so I did the next best thing- draped it across the backside of the couch.  It worked out great! Was just the right height and it went together fairly easy without any issues.

Next up is quilting it.  There is one quilt in front of it….already loaded and started, so this will have to wait. But not for too long.

I’m not quite sure how to quilt it though.  It’s a sampler. There are lots of blocks.  Can’t decide if each block gets something different or if I just go with an all over pattern and not worry about the blocks themselves.  The decision is a hard one!  I do hope to be sharing it soon though!

today’s topic  fabric bins for keeping things organized

Fabric bins for storage are brilliant. They can be customized- shape and size. They can fold flat when not in use and don’t take up much space.
They are flexible and can be squished in a little bit on the shelf if it doesn’t fit you can make them work!
What can you make your fabric bins with?
Feed sacks (think cat food bags, m&m bags, chicken feed bags) these are great because they are wipeable. They are a little stiffer as well and depending on how you like your fabric bins- you might not need to use a stabilizer.
Quilt Blocks- dig around and find 4 quilt blocks that are the same size. Add some fabric for the bottom and lining and you are ready to go!
Panels or other fun prints- panels are great for these projects. They are cute, sometimes have a border already and each side of the bin would be a different design.


  • don’t worry about the lining fabric. This can be leftover scraps, an oddball- doesn’t match anything fabric.
  • Thread & bobbins– keep them all in one place! It’s not the most organized option for the thread and there might be strands of thread everywhere, but it does work.
  • notions  rulers, rotary cutters, hem tape makers you name it. You can keep them from falling to the back of the shelf or drawer. Put them together by topic so they are all in one place.
  • fabric– whether it’s folded fabric or scrap pieces, these are great for storing your fabric. You can make the size of the fabric bin accommodate the folded size so they sit in there snug as a bug.
  • treats– this is the best one right?! We are snackers. We love treats. Toss in your pile and you are good to go!
  • project kits- if you put your projects into little kits, these are a great option for storing them. You’ll have all the supplies needed in one spot. No more searching for pieces of the project!

Fabric bin tutorial using your orphan quilt blocks | patchworkposse.com

sew it

Here’s a quick fabric bucket that you can sew up using your orphan quilt blocks– you just need 4 that are the same sizes!  click here to get sewing 

something fun

Sew up a fabric bin using chicken feed bags…  click here to read more.

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quilty chit chat

There have been a few fun projects posted in the Quilting 101 fb group.

 The Three’s Company  your blocks are flying in and they are sooo wonderful to see! Are you sewing along?

Join the group for free here.

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    Looking for the pattern/tutorial for your microwave bowl potholder. I can’t get it to show me how to finish it also having trouble with comers. Thank you.

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