how to add applique to your skirt
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How to Applique – Elastic Waist Skirt

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Learn how to us iron on appliques on your clothing.  Super easy to add a bit of pizzazz to your clothes!

The last couple of weeks I have focused on the elastic waist skirt– and you learned my hem tape hem trick and a super easy skirt tutorial {used for my 9 year old}, and then again with a patchwork skirt.

Today I thought we’d hit a fun way to doll it up!  I mean, super cute fabric is one way of making the skirt cute, but another is adding a little bit whimsy or fun to it.

An easy way to add interest is by learning how to applique on your clothing {of in our case, super cute skirts}

how to add applique to your skirt

For both of these appliques, I decided that raw edge applique was the way to go.  I love this method. Super quick and easy.  The edge will soften up and ravel a little bit adding a little whimsy to the clothes.

For the skirt that I started off with I took inspiration off of the print that was already there– the flowers.  I did freehand the applique template, and added a spiral to the one flower.  The leaves were also added for design sake.   The other skirt- same thing. I cut a flower out that was the same design style as the pattern on the fabric.  I was lucky to have co-ordinating fabric and use it, and one of the prints was circles, so I used that for the center of the flower.  How easy it that?!  I found that it kind of dissapeared into the skirt so I cut a second flower just a little larger out of darker fabric so it stood out more.

raw edge applique flowers on skirts

Materials needed:

glue stick

fabric scraps

How to us iron on appliques you design~

  1. Cut out your shapes using your fabric as a guide or inspiration.  If you are sewing the raw edge applique method, your edges don’t need to be perfect.
  2. Dab a little bit of glue onto the back of the fabric pieces to keep them in place while stitching
  3. Stitch 1/8″ from the edge all the way around the shape.  Start with the bottom piece and add the other pieces layered on top
  4. Rub the edges with a tooth brush or your finger.  You can give it a little squirt of water to make the ravel process be a bit quicker

The glue stick glue will wash out and doesn’t gum up your sewing machine needle. I have mine on hand all the time.  It’s easy to reposition later too if needed {won’t pull your fabric}.

If you are looking for adding applique and having it a more finished style, you might want to zig-zag the edges or do a machine satin stitch to give it a nice finished edge.  A Button hole stitch would work fine too.

Go with your imagination here.  Take a hint from the print of the fabric like I did for what to applique.  I have seen some super cute appliques with animals, stars, other shapes.  Layering your fabric in the design will give it more interest too.

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