Patchwork Elastic Waist Skirt

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This week for the Elastic Waistband Skirt we are going to work on– what if I don’t have enough cute fabric? or- I only have little bits of fabric to make the easy skirt with?

The answer to that panic question-  we will make a patchwork skirt!  That’s right. Let’s figure out how to sew up a few scraps of fabric to make it big enough for a whole skirt.  The sewing construction still stays the same -using the elastic waist skirt tutorial from earlier, but we will make the fabric ourselves.

I had this wonderful line designed by Emily Daly for Modern Yardage. This is the pink/yellow/purple shades of her line.  I love it!  The whole way this is printed and sold {on demand- never running out or getting old} you can easily order new fabric whenever you need it!

patchwork skirt tutorial-simple elastic waistband  skirt- great for any size girl / patchwork posseFor this Patchwork Skirt I only had strips of fabric and not a full piece that would work for the front and back.  The solution so I could use this fabric- sew the strips together!  I had thought about cutting up the fabric into squares, but decided that sometimes long strips to show off the fabric would be super fun and –who am I kidding, easier.

The idea with a patchwork skirt is to sew enough strips, or squares or little bits of whatever together until they measure the size needed for the skirt.  You can sew a line of fabric {making your matching skills take it easy when sewing up the summer skirt} or you can mix and match fabric and designs so it is a more scrappy looking skirt.

Materials needed for the Elastic Waistband Skirt:

8 1/2 inch wide 19″ long— 9 strips {or how ever many you would like to make your skirt with}

Simple Skirt Instructions:

1) Sew the strips together.

2) Sew the last strip to the first strip to make a tube

*Because of all the raw edges you will need to either zig-zag the seams or use a serger to do that for you.  You don’t want a trail of strings constantly following the little legs, now do you?

3) Continue with the directions found here- Easy Elastic Waist Skirt 

* I didn’t do the hem tape edge for the bottom hem- I sewed a traditional hem along the bottom

This is so simple to sew up a few summer skirts for your girls to twirl around in.  Of course what is a photo shoot without Daisy thinking that it was all about her–

patchwork elastic waist skirt tutorial #patchwork #skirt / patchwork posse

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