Ending Bum Crack One Pant At A Time

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Having the trend of low rider pants is fine, but it does start to pose a problem in the back.  How do you close that gap down that loves to show off your panties or unmentionables?  Learn a quick trick to adding a hidden elastic in the waist- just on the back side- to pull it all in and close the peep show! NO more bum crack! Easy to do.

learn how to fix your pants so bum crack isn't showing. Great clothes hack and simple to do! No fancy supplies. patchworkposse.com

How to fix pants with a gab in the back

This tutorial is to help those who have girls showing their bum cracks. You will be shown how to insert an elastic band inside the waist band of jeans/pants to close that space down!  You don’t need any fancy supplies….just elastic, sewing machine, scissors.  There is elastic out there with button holes already in place if you are looking at making the pant waist adjustable.

You need:

1 pair of pants that just don’t fit, show off your bums, or are sticking 2″ off of your back.
*If there are any labels sewn to the waist that would block the elastic i just snip the stitching and take those off.

1″ elastic band 16″ long (you will be cutting this to size later)

Super Sharp Scissors


Instructions for fixing your pants:

You will be making slits on EACH SIDE of the waist for the elastic.

Holding the waist with both hands at the sides, pull apart the band. Snip the inside of the waist —DON’T cut through to the other side!!! ONLY cut the inside. Make a VERTICLE cut 1 1/4″ long.

Repeat this for the left and right sides of the waist.

fix bum crack in pants fix the gap in the back on your pants

Measure the area between the cut slits. Then subtract 2″ from that number. CUT the elastic to this measurement.

You have a choice to make—-do you want to put a button on so it will adjust or no button?

If you are doing a button continue on. If you are not skip this step.

Adjustable elastic with button:

Make button holes at ONE end of the elastic. I do 2 or 3. After stitching them snip the inside so the button can go through it.

Sew a button to 1″ past the slit on ONE side. Make sure this is larger than the button holes as the elastic stretches just a bit.

sew the button or make it adjustable! Fix those waist gaps on your pants!

Fold over the edge with button holes and put a large safety pin through it. Thread this through the slit on the opposite side of the button. STOP when the end is just poking out of the slit.

how to do alterations for bum crack pants add hidden elastic to pants tutorial

Use a zigzag stitch and stitch this down. Go over it at least twice to make sure it won’t ever move. Use a darker thread or coordinating one. You may also pull the elastic inside and stitch it down so it is invisible.

alterations for your pants

Keep feeding the elastic until it comes out the other side. Give it a good pull. Remove the safety pin, making sure you don’t let the elastic jump back into the hole. Button the elastic to the pants.

*If you didn’t make the elastic adjustable with the button holes then you need to sew it in place. You might want the wearer try it on to determine the best location. You can leave the elastic a little long and snip the stitches to adjust it later if needed.

alterations on pants hidden elastic in pants tutorial

This is what they should look like when the elastic is evenly stretched out. If you would like to keep the elastic from twisting you can sew a line down the center in the back.

end bum crack tutorial

no more bum crack. Quick fix for closing the gap in your pants.

Need some supplies?

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