Ending High Water Pants One Pant at a Time

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Awhile ago I had posted one of my most popular posts on the blog. Ending Bum Crack One Pant at a Time.  Just looked at the time stamp on that post– 2008!!! whoop whoop.  I have been around here for awhile now.  I am apparently a trend setter too, because I find elastic in the back of pants all over the place now!

Anyways- I have been thinking for a little bit on how to top it!  I am not sure that I can….however I thought that I would add another post to go along with it.

high water pants to shorts tutorial patchwork posssef

Yeah- how to end high water pants.

It’s Springtime around here….and the winter pants are all but worn out, too short or overall falling apart in all the wrong places. Mostly the knees.  The rest of the pants though are in pretty ok condition.  So, what do you do with these high water pants?

You fix them!  Well, really.  You make them into shorts.

Step 1)  Measure on the kiddo and cut the legs off

Step 2)  Cut the end of the hem off 1/4″ above the true hem

Step 3)  Sew them to the bottom of the new bottom of leg- sew just below the origional hem of the high water pants

highwater pants

Step 4)  Zig Zag stitch along the raw edge.  It’s never fun to have long strings dangling from the new hem!  I totally hate that, don’t you?

highwater pants

Step 5)  Fold back the new hem {the raw edge will be under the upper part {or on the left side of the photo below} and on the right side of the pants sew a hem stitch…..this is where the machine take a couple of stitches, then jumps over to one side for a stitch, then back for a few more straight stitch.  I found that I like this stitch much better than the straight stitch.  It hides better!

high waters pants

high waters pants

So the kiddo loves her new non- high water pants, I mean shorts!


If you find that you have a pair of boot cut pants {which are way wider at the bottom} then you can measure the length after you cut where you want the shorts to be and then make any adjustments to the bottom hem/cuff.  I had to do this on this pair– it works out pretty good.

If you have skinny jeans— then using the origional hem might not be an option– unless your kiddo has super thin legs.

If you are in need of other adjustments on your pants– then take a look at the end bum crack tutorial

end bum crack elastic in waist tutorial patchwork posse

Do you have a great tip on Fixing High Water Pants? Ending Bum Crack? 

What other ailments do you need fixes for?

Do you love to customize your own clothes?  Head on over and check out this online craftsy class for Tailoring your clothes.  It’s a great place to start.



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