Holiday Fabric Scrap Wreath- tutorial and free pattern

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While at my little sewing day with my girl friends, Janis was working on a little project and I just had to share!  It is a perfect -sit in the shade- project

a scrap fabric flag wreath tutorial

Janis saw it made with a heart shaped straw wreath, but all that was found was the circle one.—- love either one.

You will need the following materials:

  • straw wreath– heart shape is preferred, but any shape will do
  • 6 inch squares in red, white and blue {or whatever colors you choose for you holiday}
  • straight pins

the scrap fabric flag wreath tutorial

4th of July Fabric Scrap Wreath Tutorial:

Now here is the tricky part— {not really} making a little puff thingie with your 6 inch square.

Stick the pin in one corner of the square.

Put the pin into the center –from the front to the back–

Put the pin in the next corner– again front to the back–

Repeat until you have put all the centers and all the corners on the pin. Fluff it a bit to give it some puff.

Take that same pin and push it into the wreath.  Repeat the process with each square.

You will need to use 3-4 squares on each ‘row’ of color.  In one corner you will need to alternate the white and the blue.  The rest will be red and white alternated.

Isn’t that super cute?!  You could totally cut up a bunch of squares and have a little wreath party with your friendly neighbors don’t you think?

Have a great 4th of July Weekend everyone!!!

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