Mod Bee Quilting Conference

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I’m so excited to be part of this and to be teaching! Check out all the details and don’t forget to use the discount code!

Today we are excited to announce that tickets sales for Mod Bee are now open!

Mod Bee is 3 day, online conference full of interactive quilting classes taught by some of the internet’s favorite quilters.

This year Mod Bee will be held March 14th, 15th, and 16th (With classes running every 2 hours from 9am-7pm)

When you register for Mod Bee quilting conference you receive:

*Access to a private Facebook group where 6 classes will be taught each day during the conference (Making that a total 18 classes!)

*12 PDF Patterns sent to you via email prior to the conference beginning so that you can be prepared to sew along with the classes of your choice

*Automatic entry to win daily prizes during the conference

*Continued access to the videos that will remain posted throughout the remainder of the year.

*Ticket price for this 3 day event is $75  —-> BUT- use my code to get the whole quilting conference for $55!! 

Use the code:


mod bee online quilting conference

Scrappy Mesh Notion Bag:

I’ll be teaching you how to use your scraps— mile a minute method and sew up a zipper notion bag.  You’ll be able to see inside because of the mesh screen on the front. 

Having a little notion bag for quick grabbing and sewing on the go is a must for any stitcher. Not only will this notion bag help you keep organized and your supplies at your fingertips, it will help you use up your ever growing scrap pile!

You’ll learn the mile a minute technique to make up this notion bag.

It also features a mesh front and zipper closure, so you can see what’s inside and keep it all together.

My class will be Friday March 15th at 5pm MST.  Cannot wait!

Mod Bee Quilting conference mesh bag class. Use your scraps!

The Mod Bee is a modern twist on an old fashioned quilting bee…a chance to gather together quilters from across the country into one location to learn, visit, be inspired and enjoy the love of quilting. And, we hope you will join us.

The team of teachers gathered together this year include:

Bev from Flamingo Toes

Amanda from A Crafty Fox

Mathew Boudreaux from Mister Domestic

Kate from See Kate Sew

Cindy Cloward from Riley Blake Designs

Elizabeth from Simple Simon and Company

Lindsay from Lindsay Sews

Melissa from The Polka Dot Chair

Amy from Ameroonie Designs

liZ from Simple Simon and Company

Becky from Patchwork Posse

Carina Gardner

Caroline from Sew Can She

Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts

It is going to be three days worth of quilting awesomeness that you can take part in without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home!

Register HERE

Use the code:


Will you be joining me?!

Mod Bee Instructors:

Perfect Hexagon Quilt Class Instructor: Carina Gardner

Learn how to make hexagons from squares, sew a Y seam, put together rows of hexagons, and finish off this beautiful quilt! Class fee includes a PDF pattern and private video tutorial that you can access AFTER the live class is finished so that you can go back and watch step by step to make this quilt. During the Live Class, I will be going over cutting hexagons, sewing Y seams, and putting the hexagons on the backing

Scrappy Notion Bag Instructor: Becky Jorgensen

Having a little notion bag for quick grabbing and sewing on the go is a must for any stitcher. Not only will this notion bag help you keep organized and your supplies at your fingertips, it will help you use up your ever growing scrap pile! You’ll learn the mile a minute technique to make up this notion bag. It also features a mesh front and zipper closure, so you can see what’s inside and keep it all together.

Sunshine Pillow Mini Quilt Instructor: Ameroonie Designs

Make a pillow or mini quilt and learn a heavy chain stitch embroidery stitch, quilt as you go piecing and appliqué! Lots of fun quilting techniques in one simple mini quilt or pillow.

Peaches N’ Cream Quilt Instructor: Simple Simon

Make a quick quilt top using pre-cut fabrics and some solids! We will show you the tips and tricks to making quilt tops fast and efficiently. Perfect quilt pattern for beginners as well!

Tumblings Weave Quilt Block Instructor: Mr. Domestic

Learn a new and exciting quilting technique with Mr. Domestic. The tumblings weave quilt block looks difficult but Matthew will break down the basics and have you weaving away in no time flat.

Cathedral Windows Pillow Instructor Lindsay Sews

Make a Cathedral Windows Pillow, completely by machine! . Lindsay will teach you her method for getting your background squares to line up every time with minimal measuring. Add fusible fleece to the backs of your charms for a puffy texture, or leave them flat. Finish your project with a pillow back for a home accent you’ll love!

#10 Can Quilting Caddy Instructor Sew Can She

Guess what’s hiding inside this #10 Caddy? A #10 can! These cans are easy to find at warehouse club stores and make a perfect container for all your sewing room (or kitchen) tools. Pretty one up with this easy to make cover today.

2 Tone Herringbone Quilt Pattern Instructor See Kate Sew

Use your two favorite colors to make this simple herringbone quilt! In this class you’ll learn tricks to cutting out the pattern pieces and keeping seams flat plus a few secret quilting hacks! Finished Quilt Size Approx. 58” x 70”

Log Cabin Pin Cushion Foundation Paper Piecing Instructor Simple Simon and Company

Don’t let Foundation Paper Piecing Scare you–it’s simple once you learn the techniques to do it. And this project will use up a lot of your scrap pile! We will show you how to finish as a pincushion but you could easily turn the same patchwork blocks into a beautiful quilt.

Trunk Show from Riley Blake Designs Instructor: Cindy Cloward from Riley Blake Designs

Come and meet Cindy Cloward from Riley Blake Designs, hear about her sewing journey and see a trunk show featuring some of the latest collections from Riley Blake Designs.

Sweet Squares Quilt Instructor Bev McCollough

This fun quilt pattern was designed to show off your fabric collections that you have been waiting to put together! The pattern is made for pre-cut but you can also use up your stash to make a darling quilt! Quilt Size: 57“ x 68”

Free Motion Quilting on Your Machine Instructor Dara Tomasson

You make beautiful quilt tops, now it’s time to learn to quilt those tops that you have ready to go. In this session you will learn the basics of free motion quilting on your home sewing machine using a ruler foot.

Curved Piecing in Quilting Instructor Amanda Woodruff

Look at her curves! In quilting, curved piecing seems like one of those daunting tasks that’s hard to master, but fear the curves no more! Amanda will teach you how to have perfect curves with a double drunkerd’s path quilt block that she designed.

Star Bright Quilt Pattern Instructor Melissa Mortenson

Have you ever bought fabric that you thought was so cute that you couldn’t cut it up? The Star Bright pattern is designed just for that type of fabric. It’s large center blocks (8” finished) allow you to show off your favorite novelty prints. Finished Quilt measures approx. 64″ x 64″

Working With Heat Transfer Vinyl Instructor Mandy Beyeler

Come and learn the process of using heat transfer vinyl and applying it on to fabrics. Mandy will show you how to apply some cute quilter sayings to a tee shirt and talk about how to use this same technique in your next quilting project!


Register for Mod Bee quilting conference~

*Ticket price for this 3 day event is $75  —-> BUT- use my code to get the whole quilting conference for $55!! 

Use the code:


Soooo…that’s the list! Pretty great right? So click on down to the comments and enter to win a free ticket! Good Luck!

(*If you have already purchased a ticket to Mod Bee and you are the winner of this giveaway you will be refunded the price of your ticket!)

Winner of the free ticket: Janet Greenslade!!!

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