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How to Hang a Mini Quilt

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Don’t stress about how to hang a quilt!  Learn a quick trick using command hooks and safety pins. Works perfect for mini quilts or wall hangings. Come do it yourself!

I have kind of this small obsession with mini quilts.  They are cute. They are simple. They are great for swapping and trading. They are perfect for hanging on the walls in your sewing room (or anywhere else for that matter)

Today I thought I’d share a quick little how to for mini quilts.  This couldn’t be any simpler and you don’t even need to have a hanging sleeve on the quilt or corner hanging tags.

hanging a mini quilt with command hooks - learn how to use them. Super simple and all you need is safety pins and command hooks.

Materials Needed:

command strips – the small size. (link is for the mini size. That’s what I used. Should be under $6 for the set – I also used the clear hooks)

You can look at the weight they can handle.  Small or mini quilts are super light….the larger you go though the heavier it is. You might want to make sure you are using the right ones.

safety pins – I used the large ones. Easier to hang since they are a bit bigger and there is more to grab.

How to Hang a Quilt~

1) Measure the mini quilt and decide how far apart the command strips need to be

2) Follow the instructions on the package and place on the wall

clear clips for hanging quilts

3) Either hook the tiny hooks on corner hanging tags

quilt hanger with hooks

OR place a safety pin on the back in the top corners of the quilt – you’ll want them a little low because you won’t want them to be seen from the other side when it’s hung.  It kind of shifts a little bit and shows up!

safety pin to hang your mini quilt

What’s so awesome though is that the safety pins are totally forgiving.

4) Hook the safety pin on the clear hook on the wall

safety pin for a quilt hanger

What if your quilting is hanging crooked?  Just simply reapply the safety pins on the back and hang again.  Make any kind of adjustments with the PIN not the command strip.  The little hook on the command strip is hidden anyways– no one will know it’s not in the right place!

quilt hanger with clear clips

See that?  All is perfect and well.  No need to worry how to hang a quilt again!  This simple trick works great.


How to hang a mini quilt tutorial- learn how quick and simple it is with a couple of supplies!

You can test the larger hooks with larger quilts.  I’m not sure it could work for a super large wall quilt, but for the smaller ones…it’s perfect.

A great Wall hanging to sew up and then hang is the Owl Wall Hanging.  Looking for more?  Here are over 20 Mini Quilts.

How do you hang your quilts?


6 thoughts on “How to Hang a Mini Quilt

  1. shirley

    What a good idea, I make small quilts to hang in my patients changing rooms. ( I do mammography). Now if anyone has idea to keep the quilts from walking away…. I cannot believe how women can look at a beautiful quilt and think they are entitled to just take it off the wall and put it in their purse. I just tell myself the quilt is suppose to give someone peace, and pray for the unknown person.

  2. Becky

    That’s a great idea- switch up the small ones on display. Going to the doctor isn’t fun– having something super cute to stare at is wonderful! I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that would keep them from missing. Darn those light fingers that pack things that don’t belong to them.
    Good luck! Anyone have any suggestions?

  3. Eliza Brewster

    How about a sign saying “these quilts were made for your enjoyment. If you steal them, [and yes it is stealing] then you deny other people that enjoyment.”

  4. Becky

    That’s a great idea…… wonder if you could put that on the label on the back? So- it says. about the quilt- this is a stolen quilt. or if found please return to…… 🙂

  5. Joy

    Yes, I would write those comments right on the backing of the quilt so it could not be removed without destroying the quilt, complete with “return to hospital”.

  6. Debra

    Put it in a glass frame.

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