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Little Purple Pansies Doll Quilt- Free pattern

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There are a few dolls around here that were needing some quilts.  I love, love those little purple pansies that pop up everywhere.

The ones that I go crazy over are the purple ones.

This little doll quilt shows is all about the pansies.  You can choose the color of your flower, the centers.  You can make them match or not.  This would be great for scraps even to make it even scrappier!

Now don’t go all crazy thinking that the blocks are tiny. They totally aren’t.  You will not be sewing through your finger tip trying to match up tiny pieces. Nope.  The rectangle {which is one pedal to the flower block} is 3 1/2″ X 2 1/2″– so no worries about tiny things, ok?

free small quilt pattern | LIttle Purple Pansies | patchworkposse.comIf you’d like a printable copy- you can find it in my Pattern Shop.

Not much fabric is needed for this 15″ X 15″ doll quilt.  A few fat eights or fat quarters and you are good to go!  With simple instructions and steps it is a super easy pattern for beginners.

Materials Needed:

4 dark fat eights
2 light fat quarters
Med/light scraps for flower centers

18″ x 18″ backing & batting

Cutting Instructions:

Dark Fabric~
24- 2 1/2″ X 3 1/2″
Med or Light fabric~
6– 2″ X 2″

Light fabric~
24- 1 1/2″ X 1 1/2″

2— 1 1/2″ X 12 1/2″
2— 1 1/2″ X 14 1/2″

Little Purple Pansies Doll Quilt
Finished size: 14 1/2″ X 14 1/2″

Quilt Instructions:
1) Place light 1 1/2″ square to corner of dark rectangle
2) Draw line from corner to corner on WRONG sides of fabric
3) Sew on drawn line

4) Cut off extra corners. Fold corner back and iron
5) Repeat for a total of 24
6) Sew 4 rectangle blocks together- notice placement of corners

7) Repeat step 6 for a total of 6 flower blocks
8) Sew blocks together to make center of quilt
9) Sew borders on outside of quilt center
10) Sew 2″ X 2″ squares in center of each flower block


Layer your batting, backing, and quilt top.  Quilt as desired and Bind.

Need help with the binding? There are a few binding tutorials here.

This blog post has been converted to an optional PDF that’s optimized for printing. Find more here. The blog post is totally free to read, print, and sew! The PDF tutorial & download for $2 is totally optional.

I don’t have a large collection of purples– in fact, when i look at that drawer it is quite low.  I do love them though…..just don’t buy them that much.  You don’t find purple in a lot of quilts/projects do you?

My grandma Phillips had a favorite color.  Yup. Purple.  she didn’t ever go overboard with it….but did like it alot.  Do you have a large collection of purple?

Really though, if you were totally digging the simple flower blocks you could add a few more to make a baby sized quilt— wouldn’t that be cute?!

What’s your favorite flower during the summer?

7 thoughts on “Little Purple Pansies Doll Quilt- Free pattern

  1. Joy B

    This is really cute! Thanks for the pattern and tutorial.

  2. Grams

    My first visit and am Impressed!!

  3. ReanaZ

    I love purple I go overboard (others think so, I do not)
    I am painting my whole house various shades of purple. I will definitely make this. I make doll quilts and put purple in most all of them.
    Thank you.

  4. Doic

    I am beginner sewist and don’t know what a ‘fat quarter’ is.. I purchased this
    ’round’ circle of what I call scraps, they are all bound together and measure about
    2in wide by about 2 ft long… what is that? Thanks in advance for your answer – if it’s
    what I think, I’ll be able to use some of those pieces to make these squares.
    Love the quilt! Want soooo bad to give it a try, but not big in the confidence area regarding sewing…

  5. whosies

    a fat quarter is around 18″ X 20″. it gives you a little larger cut than the typical fat cut which is 42″ X 9″
    you should totally give sewing a try! good luck!

  6. Janet Pommrehn

    My grand daughter loves pink and purple so I plan to make this doll quilt for her doll. It is a great pattern. Thanks.

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