Square on Point Quilt Tutorial

Square on point quilt block -finish a quilt using this block and a layer cake! Quick and simple , makes a great lap quilt.Could be used for an eye spy too!

This past Christmas I had decided to use the flannel layer cakes that I had picked up last year at Spring Quilt Market.
They were super yummy and such a great deal.
Looking at the packs and trying to keep it simple I decided I only wanted to use the layer cakes + the quilt backing.
That’s it.
No border.
No sashing.
Simple and quick.
However, I couldn’t just sew the blocks straight across and together (I could, but did want to make them a little bit funner).
So- I made a few different quilts, all starting with the same supplies.
This quilt is the first in the series- the others will be coming monthly, so watch for them!

This is the Square on Point Quilt

It really is simple, but there is a little bit of a trick to it and there is a bias edge you have to watch out for.
I’ve used this quilt block in the past for eye spy quilts-

Materials needed: 

layer cake — OR 40—10″ X 10″ fabric squares-  pick it up at Connecting threads or Fat Quarter Shop

Supplies you may need:

Square on Point Quilt Tutorial~

1- Sew up the quilt blocks.  You’ll find the full I spy quilt block tutorial (plus a video) here!

2- Lay your quilt blocks in a row and play with the placement.  This quilt had 4 rows — each row had 5 blocks.  You can add more if you’d like to make the quilt bigger.

3- Sew them together in rows- notice that the points will be cut off and not exact…this is ok!  It’s how the block is constructed and you won’t be able to get around that.

4- Sew the rows together.

Finish the quilts up with batting and backing- and machine quilting.

For these quilts I decided to make them extra snugly– and I’m kind of cheap.  I found a steal of a deal on minky blankets during Christmas time 3.50 per blanket!! I bought 2 per blanket because I knew they weren’t quite large enough for the quilt tops and I would need to add to it.

This worked out perfect.  I pieced the backs together to fit the tops, layered them with batting (don’t really think I needed that, but too late to turn back) and quilted them. The quilting- super simple.  A meander with an occasional loop.  No crazy quilting and time suck here. Just get it done.

I did the fold over binding (super simple and great for these kind of usable quilts)

Here’s a video on binding with the backing if you’d like to see how it’s done.


Square on point quilt block -finish a quilt using this block and a layer cake! Quick and simple , makes a great lap quilt.Could be used for an eye spy too!

Have you made this quilt block before?  What did you use it for –eye spy?


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