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Square on Point Quilt Tutorial

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Square on point quilt block -finish a quilt using this block and a layer cake! Quick and simple , makes a great lap quilt.Could be used for an eye spy too!

This past Christmas I had decided to use the flannel layer cakes that I had picked up last year at Spring Quilt Market.
They were super yummy and such a great deal.
Looking at the packs and trying to keep it simple I decided I only wanted to use the layer cakes + the quilt backing.
That’s it.
No border.
No sashing.
Simple and quick.
However, I couldn’t just sew the blocks straight across and together (I could, but did want to make them a little bit funner).
So- I made a few different quilts, all starting with the same supplies.
This quilt is the first in the series- the others will be coming monthly, so watch for them!

This is the Square on Point Quilt

It really is simple, but there is a little bit of a trick to it and there is a bias edge you have to watch out for.
I’ve used this quilt block in the past for eye spy quilts-

Materials needed: 

layer cake — OR 40—10″ X 10″ fabric squares-  pick it up at Connecting threads or Fat Quarter Shop

Supplies you may need:

Square on Point Quilt Tutorial~

1- Sew up the quilt blocks.  You’ll find the full I spy quilt block tutorial (plus a video) here!

2- Lay your quilt blocks in a row and play with the placement.  This quilt had 4 rows — each row had 5 blocks.  You can add more if you’d like to make the quilt bigger.

3- Sew them together in rows- notice that the points will be cut off and not exact…this is ok!  It’s how the block is constructed and you won’t be able to get around that.

4- Sew the rows together.

Finish the quilts up with batting and backing- and machine quilting.

For these quilts I decided to make them extra snugly– and I’m kind of cheap.  I found a steal of a deal on minky blankets during Christmas time 3.50 per blanket!! I bought 2 per blanket because I knew they weren’t quite large enough for the quilt tops and I would need to add to it.

This worked out perfect.  I pieced the backs together to fit the tops, layered them with batting (don’t really think I needed that, but too late to turn back) and quilted them. The quilting- super simple.  A meander with an occasional loop.  No crazy quilting and time suck here. Just get it done.

I did the fold over binding (super simple and great for these kind of usable quilts)

Here’s a video on binding with the backing if you’d like to see how it’s done.

This blog post has been converted to an optional PDF that’s optimized for printing. Find more here. The blog post is totally free to read, print, and sew! The PDF tutorial & download for $2 is totally optional.




Square on point quilt block -finish a quilt using this block and a layer cake! Quick and simple , makes a great lap quilt.Could be used for an eye spy too!

Have you made this quilt block before?  What did you use it for –eye spy?


4 thoughts on “Square on Point Quilt Tutorial

  1. Hope

    Would you eleborate on the backing. When joking the two pieces of Minky for he backing, I’m concerned about the additional thickness of the seam. Did you have any problems quilting over the heavier seam?

  2. Becky

    I used a blanket– and decided to add batting. The batting wasn’t necessary in the end, but it sure did make a nice cozy and snuggle blanket. kind of heavy too. The kids love it.

    As far as the backing– I did end up joining and do have seams. I find that if you make your seams a little bigger- around 1/2″ at least the fabric is not so bulky in one spot.
    I quilted fairly open and not dense at all. A large meander with loops. So, I didn’t have any issues with the seams on the front or the back. The front, I could avoid fairly easily.
    When you are quilting densely or close together, if those seams on the back are shorter– 1/4″ I find that they will give a little mountain pucker because they are pushed together. That’s why it’s better to have them a little larger.
    Does that make sense? hope so!

  3. Julie

    Any chance you can add the size of the finished quilt and /or each block? Looks like an easy but cute one to make for my nephew.

  4. Kim

    Very pretty, but this isn’t a “square in a square/square on point” block, or quilt. You lose all the points using this method and, so, it is no longer a square in a square. I’d say it’s more akin to a snowball block. Still, love your color choices.

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