Patchwork Round Robin Finish

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This is the final row for the Patchwork Round Robin. This is a large quilt girls! Did you notice that?

I am finishing up with a final row of 4 patches and then a stop border all the way around.  This will make it calm down just a bit and then add something that won't fall apart when you are quilting it. {I hate it when that happens}

Clickety Click here for Border #9

Check out the progress step by step:

Are you making the Patchwork Round Robin with us?

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Did you miss a previous border?

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  •  7th Border Pattern


So, I don't want everyone to be all stranded and flipping around with just a top… I have decided that in 2 weeks I will do one more post to the Patchwork Round Robin Series.  The last post will be on how I quilted it, maybe some binding references….AND a printable label!!!

I will gather all the names, with their border #, and their state, blog whatever. I'll show you how {quick little tutorial} to print and stitch it on your finished quilt so you will remember where all the patterns came from.

I seriously love this and just have to say 'thanks' to the wonderful girls who took the time out and designed a border for us. They turned out totally cute!!!

Just to mix is up how about a little giveaway to go along with the super last post. ok?

I will pick a winner out of the flickr group pictures {round robin photos only}.  So, get stitching girls— get those tops done and show them off!!!

You have 2 weeks {JULY 12th} to get moving on it….. crack that whip– stitch.

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