Round Robin Quilt — Quilting and Labeling

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So you have your top and now what? I thought I'd give you a little bit of help on the quilting and have a little suprise for you too—-

Didn't want to leave you hanging with a project that will hang in limbo land for eternity like mine.



Basket Block Quilting

Friendship star block quilting

border quilting. I did a leaf motif and in the 4 patches I did a straight feather {I used to really not like feathers— my simple brain just couldn't wrap around that pattern…..but it has finally clicked.  I am not a pro at the feather, but I don't mind doing them now}

The back. Click the photo to make it BIG.  I echoed the center block and around the other flower pots.



As for the label.  I have yet to get mine done…..but I thought I'd share a quick secret and then I'll do a tutorial on it {next week}.  I'll share more info and photos, but until then.

Here is a list of all the designers, their rows they were in charge, and their links if they had one. You can make your own label without having to write it all down……. you will need them a little big so they are legible. I added a few things that you need to write in the answers before printing or after with a fine tip sharpie.

Patchwork Round Robin 2010

Pieced by:

Quilted by:

Borders Designed by:

Becky– Center Block and Basket Weave

Konda– Scrappy top and bottom border

Joy– Applique flowers and pots

Donna– Flying Geese

Robin– Friendship Stars

Angie– Basket Blocks

Molly–  Rail Fence

Becky– 4 Patch

So here is a quick how-to:

1) Copy and paste the list into a word program

2) Iron a piece of fabric to freezer paper

3) Stick into printer {ink one not a copy machine} and push print. 

Your fabric will be printed!!!  Cut around the words.  Iron all sides under 1/4" and hand stitch to the back of the quilt. TA-DA!!

I'd love to see your finished Round Robins— or even those that are still in progress.  Share them here!!!

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